The Half-Truth (One Direction)

Claire's mother Elizabeth Mccray, famous author, takes herself and her daughter from New Jershey to London, England. Of course Claire, 17, is not happy about moving halfway through her senior year at highschool. Once settled into her new home, she meets some of the best friends she'll ever have; Morgan, Jessica, Ethan, and of course, the boys. Claire realizes that maybe this is the chance she's been waiting for; a fresh start. Soon enough, she finds herself falling for a boy she never thought she would love. Claire's new friends want to trust her, but they know she's not telling them someting important about herself.


2. First Day of.....Hell?



The new house was definetly bigger than the one back in New Jershey. It was actually ridiculously big for just two people. There were five bedrooms, four full baths, a movie room, breakfast bar, you name it. It had been three days since we moved into the new house. Today was my first day of school. In less than two hours I had to go play new girl halfway through the year. I rolled out of bed and began to get ready for school. I chose to wear a cool t-shirt, black blazer, and jeans. I pulled on my favorite black boots before heading down to eat. That's right; I don't do my hair (except for brushing it) or makeup before school. That's why it only takes me forty minutes to get ready. I probably should have taken the extra time to look good because it is my first day at a school. I look at the clock. Twenty minutes until I have to leave for school. My mom must have felt guilty about moving us to another continent because the day we got here she surprised me with a brand new car. I finished by breakfast and headed outside. I opened the passenger side of the car; I keep thinking that the driver's side is on the left. Surprisingly, the transition from driving in America to driving in England isn't that hard. I pulled out of the garage and headed toward my first day of hell.



When I got to my high- oh, sorry secondary school, I had one word running through my mind; BIG. The school was double the size of the public high school I attended back home. I slowly got my bag out of the car and headed towards the big double doors. I found my way to the office where they gave me my schedule. I was about to turn and leave when a boy walked in. He had darker skin and brown hair with a blond streak in it. His hair was very.....up.  He must have caught me staring because he smiled at me. I quickly turned away so I was facing towards the office lady.

"Oh, hello Mr. Malik," the office lady said cheerily, "This is our new student, she's in your year. This is Claire Mccray."

I looked at the boy and said, "Hey." He looked at me in surprise before saying," An American, huh? How did you find yourself here?"

"Mr. Malik, sweetie," the office lady interrupted us," Would you mind showing Claire around the school today?" He nodded toward Office Lady before motioning for me to follow him.

Once we got into the busy hall, the boy gestured toward my hair. I couldn't hear anything over all of the noise.

"What?", I managed to yell. We actually ended up screaming at each other the rest of the way to class.

"I said, hi, my name is Zayn! Why do you have red highlights?"

"Hi Zayn! I don't know really know why. I guess I just like black and red hair better than my natural color. Why do you have a blond streak?"

"I have the blond streak because it was a dare from my mates to put it in!"

"Oh! Cool!

"You'll get to meet them at lunch, that is, if you sit with us? Do you want to?"


"I said do you-" we reached a quiet part of the hallway so Zayn began to speak normally,"- want to eat lunch with me and some of my friends?" I looked at him and smiled before responding,"Of course."


Zayn had dropped me off to my first class, history, three minutes before the bell. A pretty girl with dark skin and hair looked at me, smiled, then waved me over. I dropped my bag and sat in the desk next to hers.

We exchanged names and talked a little.  Her name was Morgan.  She wasn’t as shocked as Zayn was when she heard my accent.

"So, why did you come here from America? You are from America, right? I just assumed with your accent and all...." Morgan asked.

I sighed, what am I supposed to tell her?  I guess it’s not really lying if it’s the partial truth.  "Well, my mom moved us here from America because of her book. Another publishing company offered her a better deal here."

"Oh, cool. What book did she write?"

" Mrs. Mccray's Book of Organic Housekeeping While Maintaining a Balanced Budget."

"Really? My mum, like, worships that book. She references it all the time."

I laughed when she said that.

"So," Morgan started," Where are you sitting at lunch? Want to sit with me and my friend?"

I shook my head,"Sorry, someone already asked me. Maybe tomorrow?"

Morgan raised an eyebrow,"Who asked you?"

"Some guy named Zayn Malik."

Morgan's eyes widened. For a second I though they would pop out of her skull.

"Omigod.", she squealed,"It's official. Jess and I are sitting with you."

Before I could ask her what the big deal was, the teacher walked in and class started.

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