On Tour With My Superman <3

***Sequel to My Superman***

Keavy was living the dream, being a pop star, dating the perfect boyfriend... But on the road will evertything be the perfect life-style she imagines.?


20. Telling The Boys

'Its my boys!' I shouted loudly. 

'Keavyy! ' a thick irish accent ran through the house as he burst into the living room and dived onto the sofa and swallowed a whole packet off biscuits. I cant remember seeing him chew any of them.

'Hi to you too!' I went over and gave him an akward hug. Next was Liam who I literally ran and jumped on. 'Leeyuuummm' I hugged him tight. 

Then came in Zayn and Harry. Harry had to suffer walking into the living room with Louis holding onto his foot screaming 'I'll never let you go jack'.

'Well you better or else I will drag you to the bottom of the ocean with me!' Harry winked at him.

'Should I but in and tell you to paint me like one of your french girls' I smiled over at them. They both gave me a cheeky grin.

'Whats so important Niall said munching on toast.

'Okay' I took a deep breath. 'Wait- Niall! Where the hell did you get that toast?' I burst out laughing. I swear this boy could make food majestically appear.

'Anyway.. Whats so important is.. ' I looked up at Louis and he carried on for me.

'Keavy has cancer' His voise wavered. The room suddenly went quiet. Niall even stopped eating!

'Its very early in the process at the moment so she should be fine' he calmed them all down a little. They all came over and gave me big hugs and told me it would be okay. I heard okay too much today. 

'Anyways! Enough off that! We are going to australia tommorow!' I grinned and broke the tension by making all the boys errupt in cheers.

'Crikey!' I laughed (A.N. I watch too much Home And Away).

A.N Gahh sorry for the bad chapter but I'm actually not supposed to be on this so I am hurrying. Sorry guys <3


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