On Tour With My Superman <3

***Sequel to My Superman***

Keavy was living the dream, being a pop star, dating the perfect boyfriend... But on the road will evertything be the perfect life-style she imagines.?


5. SECC Glasgow #2

"Who's Laughing now, who's laughing now!!!" I sang the last line of the song. I loved that song a lot.

Next I sang Diamonds by Rianna and then What The Hell by Avril Lavigne. I was really enjoying doing all these shows, I was getting used to this already. I ran off-stage and gave Lou a good luck hug and kiss and then he ran off.

This time me and Sasha did not watch the show, instead we went to my dressing room and just talked.

"People like you and Harry, Hasha or Sarry?" I grinned.

"Sarry!" She giggled, "What about you and Louis, Kelou... or... Leavy!"

"Leavy..." I grinned, "Me alone, Leavy me alone!" I joked in an Italian accent. 

"Leavy and Sarry.." she laughed, "Liam and Zayn need to find a girl" she smiled, it was true.

"We should set them up with a fan... TONIGHT!" I inquired.

"We are fans.." She stuck out her tongue, that was true as well "But we defonatly should!"

"Hell yeaaah!!!!" I laughed. I turned on the laptop and looked at the tweets being sent to the boys. There were some funny ones, but the boys had already picked tweets.

When the concert was over we left the building and wnet out to the street. There was a ton of fans there, we had to do a load of singning. One girl was stuck, like really stuck, she was definatly claustrophopic. Her face was red with fear as fans pressed her against the railings. I called a security guard to bring her over to us. 

"Hey whats your name" I smiled as she handed me her notebook.

"Stephanie" She whispered, she was defonatly very shy.

"Nice name" I grinned, "Boys, Liam" I winked. They came over and signed her book, Liam stared at her.

"Hi, whats your name?" he gave her a hug.

"Stepanie" she smiled lightly.

"Hi Stephanie, how are you" he patted her on the back. I think we had just found a girl for him, finally. We left them alone to talk and I think they exchanged numbers. All I knew is that the other fans were extremly jealous.

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