On Tour With My Superman <3

***Sequel to My Superman***

Keavy was living the dream, being a pop star, dating the perfect boyfriend... But on the road will evertything be the perfect life-style she imagines.?


13. Newcastle..

Louis POV

"Thank you Newcastle" Liam shouted and we all waved as we walked off the stage.

"I need a rest" Harry groaned as we walked off stage.

"Lazy" I winked at him. The tour was getting harder, we were enjoying ourselves, but we were struggling to get up in the mornings now-a-days. I walked down the hallway and over to Keavys dressing room.

"Hello?" I knocked on the door. Keavy opened the door and smiled weakly. Her cheeks looked a little red like she was crying. She turned away quickly as if trying to hide it.

"Are you alright?" I put my arm around her waist and looked down at her.

"Yeah" she wiped her eyes, "Just a little tired".

"Have you been crying?" I moved my hand away from her waist a put my hands on her cheeks.

"N-No" she blinked. I wiped under her eyes and gave her a kiss.

"If anything is wrong you can tell me" I rested my hand on her shoulder and stared into her blue eyes.

"There is nothing wrong, believe me!" she smiled and walked over to her bag and put the spilled contents back in the walked towards the door reaching for my hand as she made her way out, which I gladly accepted.

We walked outside and into the truck. There was still a ton of fans outside screaming but I brought Keavy inside and layed her down on our bed. I kissed her forehead as she snuggled into the quilt and fell asleep almost immediatly. I got under the blanket and snuggled down beside her, I did not bother to change her or me as we were both just wearing tracksuits.

I was laying there the whole time, not being able to sleep, imagining how lucky I was to have a girl like her. I just happened to be in Paddington that day, she just happened to be watching the twitcam, we just happened to fall in love. It was fate in my eyes, it was meant to be. I broke up with Eleanor because she was becoming clingy and always thinking I was looking at other girls. I was deeply in love with her at the time, I would never cheat on her. But it became too much so I broke up our relationship. She burst into tears and accused me oof cheating, she said the only reason I was breaking up with her was because I was cheating on her. With who did she think I was cheating on her with? Harry, my best friend and bandmate. I had told her thousands of time all that Larry bullshit was untrue, but still she chose to believe it.

While I lay thhere thinking, I heard a small whimper escape from beside me. I looked at Keavy and saw a teardrop roll down her face. I frowned, was she just having a bad dream or was something bothering her? I looked up at the bottom of the bed that was above me, Nialls bed. I closed my eyes attemting to get to sleep so I could disscuss why she was crying in the morning. I tried and tried but I could not fall asleep.

In the end I picked up my phone and logged onto Twitter and replied to a couple of Tweets before going onto Keavys page. My mouth formed into an 'o' shape as I read the tweets being sent to her. I though all the mean tweets had stopped. I looked down and there was a picture, it was a few pictures of her and her brother. Kelan had came down a while ago and hung out with us, but people were accusing her of cheating on me, with her brother...

They were all sending more hate than before, now that they thought she was cheating on me they thought it was fine for them to just bully her. They were all calling her ugly and a slut. Keavy had never believed she was beautiful, she was always the one that was single and alone when all her friends were getting hit on by boys. She told me she thought she was never going to get a boyfriend and always be 'forever alone'. She thought she was never going to get married, but little did she know I had planned that for the future with her...

A tear rolled down my face as I squeezed her closer to me. I kissed her on the cheek before turning off my phone and squeezing my eyes shut and rifting off to sleep. I was going to deal with this in the morning. Nobody could speak like that to my girlfriend....



A.N. Sorry I have not uploaded in agggessss... I was at my friends the last two days (which was sooooo funnnnnn :) ) I never see her because we both go to different schools, but if you see us together you would see how close we are. We can speak about anything to each other and we tell each other everything. She is the kinda friend that you would cuddle up to when you are sad :') hope you all enjoyed this chapter, because I did... And its true in a way :P I do believe I will be forever alone </3


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