On Tour With My Superman <3

***Sequel to My Superman***

Keavy was living the dream, being a pop star, dating the perfect boyfriend... But on the road will evertything be the perfect life-style she imagines.?


2. London O2 #2

It was the second night we were playing at the arena, it was not so akward tonight and I was not as shy.

The vibe of the o2 was amazing, so many 1D signs, there was even a couple for me which I did not expect at all.

When I was done I Knew You Were Trouble I ran off stage, giving Lou a quick hug and a good luck kiss. They sang Up All Night First, and then repeated the songs they did yesterday.

I was just drinking my from my water bottle while they were doing twitter questions and then I heard my name being called. I listened closley until I heard the full question.

"Is it true that Keavy can rap 'Thrift Shop', if so can she come out and preform it with you" Louis read out, how did it come about I could rap it, and why did they choose it.

"C'mon out Keavy" Zayn shouted. I trudged out into the large arena and stood up next to Louis and Liam.

"Go on then" Niall winked. 

"I can't do it without mu- seriously?" I groaned as the backing track came on, "Okay, you do the pop some tags bit while I rap then" I said to the boys and to the crowd into my microphone. The crowd erupted with screams as I said it. Then we sang it, and god was it fun. I thanked the crowd then ran off.

I  fell asleep on the sofa in my dressing room, but soon I was awaken by my lovely sex god of a boyfriend.

"Its time to get up" he grinned. We walked out the room and down the halls, gathering all the boys. We couldn't find Niall so we searched around the building for a bit. Then we found him.

"Hey Ni--" I drifted off, eyes wide open. Niall was stood against the wall. With a girl. That wasn't Doireann. Right in front of my eyes Niall was cheating on Doireann. I stood there for a minute, fazed, until he spotted us.

"Its not-"

"It looked like it!" I shouted angrily. Me and Niall were really good friends, so I could tell what he was about to say. I ran back to my dressing room and locked my-self in and just thought of Doireanns reaction...

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