On Tour With My Superman <3

***Sequel to My Superman***

Keavy was living the dream, being a pop star, dating the perfect boyfriend... But on the road will evertything be the perfect life-style she imagines.?


8. Dublin O2 #1


"Gahhhh" I squealed as we stepped of the plane. Horan had the same reaction as me.

"What is wrong with you two?" Malik raised an eyebrow.

"Malik, we are standing on Irish ground! For the first time in..."

"Two months"

"Shut it Styles!" I laughed.

"Your not even Irish" Payne looked at me.

"Mostly, though I would prefer to be mostly English" i daydreamed a little.

"You and Niall are so alike" Tomlinson grinned as he put his arm around me.

"How?" I questioned.

"because Golden, You both like food, and when I say like, I mean really like" Malik smiled.

"Do not call me by my last name Malik!"


"Don't" I frowned, but I was not preoperly mad.

We signed as many autographs and took as many pictures as we could outside. We were in Mullingar though, not Dublin, we were visiting Horan's family. I kissed Tomlinson on the cheek as we stepped into the taxi and cuddled up to him as we drove.


"Hello Dublin!" I cheered as I stepped out onto the stage, "I've been seeing over facebook that some of my friends from County Kerry are here tonight?" I grinned, "Is Lauryn here? Down from Kerry?" I smiled. I heard a cheering come from near the stage, "We are going to have to catch up" I laughed as the cheering got louder. Me and Lauryn were really good friends in primary school, then she moved when we were in sixth class, and then we did not see each other much.

"Umm" I looked at my phone and scanned my facebook page, "Aimee and Sadhbh? I did not actually ever meet you two in persn did I really? I just texted you on Viber a bit, ohh just got a text from you, hi to you too!" I laughed. I heard some screams from close as well.

"Now who else is here that I knew? ummm... Scream if you went to school with me or knew me from around town?"

I heard a few screams from here and there and I waved and said hello to who ever was there. I then started singing and left the stage while the video was playing.

When I walked off I quickly texted Aimee 'Would you have time after the concert to catch up and.. Well meet each other in person for once?' I quickly typed to her.

'Sure! Me and Saidbh will wait outside after yeah?'

'Yeah! Have fun <3 Hope you enjoyed my singing ;) ' I quickly replied. I had not realised how long I had not been on viber for, I had realised people I had never talked to had been texting me on it. I just ignored them though and carried on. I threw my phone onto the coffee table as I walked into my dressing room. I lay down on the comfortable red leather sofa that occupied the room and dozed of to sleep.


I woke up to someone knocking on my door.

"Come in I sat up and yawned. A cheery looking Louis walked into the room.

"Hello" he gave me a quick kiss.

"Hey" I grinned, "How did the concert go?".

"Good, Irelands fun" he joked.

"How long ago did you finish?" 

"five, ten minutes ago" he said and grabbed a bottle of water from the table and chugged it down. While he was drinking I had gotten changed into black leggings and a primark grey hoodie. I pulled up the hood and put on some glasses.

"Where you going?" Louis asked as I walked up to him.

"I am going to go find some people" I winked, "Is it alright if some of my friends from Ireland stay at ours tonight?" I gave him puppy dog eyes.

"Its fine! I will sleep at Liams, so will Harry. Have a girls night. Sasha and Stephanie can stay as well?" he smiled lightly before snogging me. Which as you can probably tell, I obeyed to.

"Bye. I love you" I gave him another quick kiss and left the room. I walked out the back door, a security guard with me. I kept my head down but still looked up. I walked up to two girls who were stood there who looked familiar. (I was friends with them on Facebook).

"Amiee? Saidbh?" I whispered.

"Keavy" they said quietly.

"C'mon, follow me! Oh and if its fine, would you like to stay at my hotel tonight?" I grinned as I saw the looks on their faces.

"We would love to" Amiee smiled. I walked with them, thankfully nobody saw me. I brought them through the back doors to backstage.

"You might even get to meet the boys, don't fangirl" I warned them. Which they obeyed.

We walked Down the halls and the boys were stood there.

"Guys, this is Amiee and Saidbh, they once called me last year at a concert of yours and that was the first time I heard you live, not on tv like" I told them. They boys gave them hugs and took pictures with them. We had to go then, so I had to search for Sasha and Stephqnie, yes Stephanie was coming on tour as well. The boys understood I needed girl attention as well.

"Found them" Saidbh shouted from down the hall. I ran down to her where she was stood next to the rest of the girls.

"Well then... Lets go to Tesco and Nandos!" I laughed.

"For what?" Stephanie asked, Sasha just grinned. She knew me very well now.

"The ingredients for the best ever sleepover ever!" I laughed.


We got pretty much every sweet, drink, food you could dream of. And we nearly ate it all. We talked all night, well I had to go asleep earlier since I need loads of energy for tommorow, well today...

We talked about boys, One Direction, Channing Tatum, and I gave Saidbh and Amiee 1D merchandise (we had loads packed away). We talked about eveything, the last thing I heard though was ->

"Is that my basoomas I see before me?"



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