On Tour With My Superman <3

***Sequel to My Superman***

Keavy was living the dream, being a pop star, dating the perfect boyfriend... But on the road will evertything be the perfect life-style she imagines.?


12. Comic Relief

"Are we really doing this" Jessica Cornish, a.k.a. Jessie J turned to me and grabbed my hand nervously.

"I guess we are" I laughed. Me and Jessie J were shaving our heads for charity, it was a big step, but it was worth it. Two girls walked into the room and stood behind us.

"Are you two ready" the blonde one smiled. Me and Jessie shook our heads in agreement and they switched on their razors. I felt it placed at the side of my head and I saw in the mirror my hair just falling off and disapeering, just like it was never there.

"Nearly done" The brown haired one told Jessie. I shut my eyes as the one doing my hair finished off.

"Done!" she squealed. I opened my eyes and looked at a brand new me. I put my hands over my mouth in shock. It was so different, not that plain red hair, a bald headed me.

"Wow!" me and Jessie said in unision. We both turned to each other and admired our new look.

"Excuse me, could you two please come with me" Somebody barged into the room and ushered me and Jessie out of the room.

"Alright" I managed to say. He lead us into a room and told us our friends and family would be here any moment to see us. We waited as he left the room and sure enough, 5 boys and some of Jessies family walked in.

"I am so proud of you" Louis practically cried into my chest. He stroked over me head and mouthed 'wow'.

"I am proud of you too! Dying your hair" I pointed it out.

"So we are now the weirdest couple ever!" Louis winked.

"We already were!" I acted all serious.

"Alright you two folllow me again" The man walked back in and I waved the boys goodbye.

He led us out to the backstage door to walk out onto the stage.

"3, 2, 1 go!!" he told us and we walked out and the crowd errupted with cheers, mostly for Jessie.

"Wow" Dermot laughed and stroked his hand over Jessie's head. They were talking to Jessie mostly, actually the whole time. I stood back and acted as if it did not hurt.

______________________________________________One Direction's Performance___________

"One way, or another" the song finished off and I clapped madly. I grinned as Dermot complimented them and waited for them to talk to Louis about his hair, and waited for them to talk to Zayn and Niall. But they went straight to Harry.

"What?" my mouth hung open, "That cannot be right!" I shouted/whispered.

"I know" Jessie agreed with me. I loved Jessie, she was another one of my idols. I had loads of idols in my life as you can tell.


"Keavy!" I heard Louis shout to me after the concert.

"Yeah?" I answered and walked over to where he was standing, he was looking in the newspaper.

"Hello, I'm still here?" the headlines read, "Boyband sensation Louis Tomlinson and girlfriend, Keavy Golden, were both ignored last night on this year's comic relief. Louis dyed his hair red while Keavy shaved her head, but the spotlight was taken away by boyband member Harry Style's and fellow 'shavie' Jessie J. They don't seem too happy about that" I read aloud.

"What?" I laughed a little.

"I know" Louis laughed a little too, "lets just ignore it huh?" he smiled and put his arm around me.

"Yeah, they have no idea what they are on about" I grinned before pecking him on the lips and dragging him to my dressing room.

A.N. So she shaved her head! Whoo! NO, but seriously! I cannot believe they totally ignored poor Louis!! He dyed his hair for god sake! And as you may recognise.. I luurve Jessie J! Like lots! But not in a lesbian way ;) Anyways, today was st patricks day! Whoop whoop ;) Was funny enough I suppose :) Oh yeah, One day this week hopefully, I will go on Omegle (I will tell you when I am going on) and I can like talk to some of you on Omegle???? :D I was mesisng about on it and I thought of it so yeahh :P If you do try, put in your interests as 'Movellas' :) yeah so if it is me, I will like I dunnoo.... Do the signal of 'Live Long And Prosper'? from the big bang theory ;) so yeaaahhhh xx love you all, ta ta now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



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