summer love

when Zayn sister "gissel" comes to live with zayn does harry fall in love with her?


17. ZAYN??!!!

"yes i want to go see  zayn" i said as me and harry walking out the room and as we headed out to zayns room i saw  the boys sitting down withe their hands on their face i just went in to zayns room as harry waited out with the boys as i entered the room i saw zayn laying down not one single move he was laying down with his closed eyes i started getting emotional because i did not like to see zayn like this i sat down next to him i whispered to him" zayn i know you cant hear me but i know you can hear me i love you and i want you to wake up soon because i need you and i miss you a lot" i said i started to cry because i was going through alot mom died zayn is in comma and i felt like all the important people in my life are leaving me i cried and cried as i sat on zayns bed i was crying for hours into harry comes in " love are you ready to go?" harry asked ":yes i am" i said as  giving zayn a kiss on the cheek and whispering to him " i love you see you tommorow" i said as i left the room 

                                                                    zayn pov

as i found out my mom passed the way i needed a drink as i got in my car and headed to the bar my mind wasnt their i was thinking about how mom left and moments later i blacked out and i ended up hear in the hospital i could not move my body or i could not open my eyes all i could hear was gissel whispering to me that she loved me and she missed me as much as i wanted to reply i could not move my lips i was to weak i could hear gissel crying in pain it hurted so mush because mom already left and now she has to find out im in comma i got really worried about gissel mom told me to take care of her but im in comma i could barely take care of me but i know i could trust the boys..........................................................................

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