summer love

when Zayn sister "gissel" comes to live with zayn does harry fall in love with her?


8. world tour

when harry and i got home we saw the boys sitting in the couch " Mr. cowell said its time for a world tour" zayn said "awww but i barely got here and you guys are leaving me" i sad with a sad expression " don't be silly we are taking you" zayn said " well im going to go get some rest" i headed up stairs and changed into my pj's and went back down stairs and said good night to the boys and gave harry a big kiss and a good night hug i went back upstairs and to sleep.

                                                                    zayn p o v 

 as gissel said good night and went up stairs to sleep me and the boys were talking about our tour we leave in 2 days and i'm so exited because my sister gets to come along after we were done talking about our tour we headed to bed .i was in bed thinking about mom and gissel since dad died in the air force i been taking care of mom and my sister gissel but then mom decided to go back to the air force a year later since dad died but i have a feeling something wrong is happening and i cant get that thought out of my  head and moments later i feel asleep,


i woke up early in the morning and went up stairs to wake up gissel and the other boys we decided to start packing and go take gissel around town here in London before we head around the world after we were done eating harry went with gissel to help her pack and when we were all done we decided to go to the movies and to go eat before tommorow our day we leave. as we got in the car and we drove of we were talking about  a vacation in Hawaii when we come back from tour . as we arrived at the mountain house movie theater  we all got out and there was...........................................

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