summer love

when Zayn sister "gissel" comes to live with zayn does harry fall in love with her?


20. we are having a ..........................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as we entered zayns room i sat next to zayn i whispered to him " im here zayn i cant wait for you to wake up " the doctor said zayn should wake up any day or soon " harry sat at the chair next to zayns bed " how are we going to tell the boys that we are having a baby?" harry asked " we will have to think of something" i said " tomorrow its our concert and zayn wont be with us to sing " harry said " cant they postpone  the concert or something?" i said "well we just would have to talk to managment" harry said as i grabbed zayns hand " how do you think management will take it  when we tell them?" i said "babe dont worry about it they will like the idea  harry said..............

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