summer love

when Zayn sister "gissel" comes to live with zayn does harry fall in love with her?


12. tour bus

as we waited for the bus to arrive i was on twitter looking through photos of harry fighting with the guy earlier there was some awful tweets " why would harry fight for someone like her" " oh harry its her fault for you getting your busted lip" it was just to mush hate for me so then moments later the bus came and we all gathered our stuff as we headed in the big tour bus, me and harry are sharing a room and liam and niall are sharing one then loise and zayn are sharing another we all got settled in and me and harry took a nap we were cuddling and before i knew it i was asleep 

                                                                  louis pov 

 as harry and gissel took a nap me and the other boys decided to watch a movie " lottery ticket "  niall made us all peanut butter and jelly sandwiches .


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