summer love

when Zayn sister "gissel" comes to live with zayn does harry fall in love with her?


16. this cant be real !!!!

as i woke up harry was not in bed with me i went to the living room and nobody was there the tour bus was lonely i decided to call harry but he would not pick up his phone moments later paul came in he said harry wanted him to bring me some where " where are  we going?" i asked " gissel harry made me promise him not to tell you" paul said as we walked out my front door and into the car "well i hope its nothing bad" i said but i felt depression because now i had no mom to turn to face my problems to but i had harry zayn and the other boys to talk we arrived at a hospital i was so nervous " what happened?" i thought to my self " paul whats going on" i asked as we got in the elavator " you will see" paul said with depression i already lost my mom and i would not like to lose any other person in my life as we arrived at the 3rd floor i saw harry,niall,louis,liam they all looked sad " whats wrong?" i asked all nervously noticing zayn was not sitting with the rest of the boys " wheres zayn?" i asked as i saw harry tearing up a little looking worried at me " zayn is in comma" harry said as taking a deep breath and looking straight at me, i said no words and i just fell down everything went black moments later i woke up in a room and harry was sitting besides me looking worried " what happened to me? what happened to zayn?" i asked as trying to get up from the bed " gisse lzayn got in a car crash right after we went to go take a nap , that night you found out your mom passed the way, zayn went for a drink but his mind wasn't there and he blanked out and got in a car crash and then you fainted when i told you earlier" harry said looking at me " this can;t be real" i said as tearing up i had already lost mom then i find out zayn is in comma what else do i need to loose? i thought to my self " why did you left me alone in the tour buss why did you had to sent paul to get me?" i asked angry " i did not wake you up when i came here to the hospital because you are going through a lot and i just could not imagine waking you up because your brother is in comma and seeing you cry" harry said " when can i see zayn?" i asked harry " the doctor said when you feel a little better" harry said " well i feel better" i said " i will go get the doctor" harry said as walking torwards the front desk of the office moments later harry and the doctor came in " how are you doing Mrs. Malik?" the doctor said " i'm doing fine" i said " okay you can be released" the doctor said as i got out from the bed and putting on my shoes as the doctor left " ready to go love?" harry said as grabbing my hand " yes i want to go see zayn" I said ........................................................................................

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