summer love

when Zayn sister "gissel" comes to live with zayn does harry fall in love with her?


18. sick

                                                                                     gissel pov

as i got home i went up to my room with harry i laid in his arms for a while then i felt like i need to throw up so i slipped out of harrys arms and into the bathroom i throw up my head hurted i felt sick moments later as i was in the bathroom harry came in " harry im not feeling good and im thowing up would you leave me alone untill i feel better?" i said as harry looked at me "no im not leaving you alone, im going to get you some pills that help the pain go away" harry said as he left the bathroom moments later harry came back with the pills " here love take one" as i swallow the pill and dranked a glass of water i said" thank you harry for being here with me" i said " anthing for my lady" harry said with a smirk "lets go back to bed" i said as me and harry went back to sleep

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