summer love

when Zayn sister "gissel" comes to live with zayn does harry fall in love with her?


2. Nandos

as we are leaving the airport we got in the car and i was driving and liam was sitting next to me harry and gissel were sitting together and the rest of the boys were sitting at the back as we arrived at nandos we got out of the car and into nandos as we got seated in a huge round table i could see harry whispering something to gissel ear and they both start laughing as our food arrives we were talking about our relationship back then and our ex'S  we were laughing and having fun when we got done we left to my place to watch movies and to have a sleep over harry and gissel seemed happy together when we got home i showed gissel to her new room it was perfect i worked on it since i knew she was living with me the walls were painted purple and white and her bed spread was white with purple pillows she was happy and when she was settled in she went down stairs with us as the movie was starting she sat in the couch with harry and harry had his arm around her neck i went to make some popcorn and harry fallowed behind me " so you got a beautiful sister" harry said " if you hurt her i will hurt you mate" i said " don't worry im going to treat her like a princess" harry said " you better" i said harry walked out the kitchen and back to gissel as the movie was ending gissel was asleep in harry's arms i told harry to take her up stairs to her room since gissel was already asleep in his arms .

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