summer love

when Zayn sister "gissel" comes to live with zayn does harry fall in love with her?


5. mall

as we arrived at the mall their was another big crowd and again fans,interviewers,poparazzis, they were all asking the same questions" harry are you dating gissel zayn sister?" but this time instead of ignoring them harry answered "yes" i was confused because harry never asked me if i want to be his girlfriend but at the same time harry was smiling at me the other boys were confused especially zayn as we started to walk around i asked harry " we never talked about our relationship" i said then harry stopped walking to answer my question " why ? you don't want to be my girlfriend" harry asked " i loved to" i said then we started walking again zayn decided to look for a varsity jacket at this store called " 209 fitters" so we all went in harry say 2 sweaters that were red and said " thing one" and" thing 2 "on the other sweater he decided to buy them because he said it would be a perfect way to show the world that we are dating i thought that was a perfect idea so we headed to the food court to eat because niall was complaining he was hungry and he could pass out any moments so we were done eating and headed home to get some rest and sleep..

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