summer love

when Zayn sister "gissel" comes to live with zayn does harry fall in love with her?


6. interview

as i woke up the sun was shinning in my face i went downstairs and the boys were sleeping so i went back upstairs and took a shower i decided to match with harry so i put on my" thing 2 "red sweater and put some black skinny jeans with my white convers and put my hair back an curled it i went downstairs and finally the boys were up " " you look amazing love" harry said " then i got interrupted by zayn coming in the living room telling us " hey today we got a interview and they also want to interview gissel" zayn said i looked confused "why do they want to interview me? " i asked "" since you're dating harry " zayn said so then harry and the others got ready and went back downstairs harry was matching with me he put on his " thing 1" sweater with black skinny jeans and some white convers like me " we are matching today love" harry said i smiled and grabbed my bag and we all headed to the car moments later  as we arrived we got out of the car and there was a poparazzi taking a picture of me and harry as we entered the building,we were in a room were we were being interviewed " how long have you guys been dating?" the interviewer asked "1 week" harry answered " you guys look so cute together you guys are matching" he said " thanks" harry answered " zayn how do you feel about your best friend dating your sister?" he asked " I feel happy for them if they are happy i"m happy" zayn answered mints later the interview ended..............

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