summer love

when Zayn sister "gissel" comes to live with zayn does harry fall in love with her?


4. home

as we were heading back home  harry feel asleep in my lap as we arrived i woke him up and headed inside home i went up to my room and grabbed cloths and took a long fresh shower as i got out i put on a cute out fit and headed downstairs zayn was taking a shower in the other bathroom and then i let louis take a shower in my bath room i sat next to harry in the kitchen counter " were should we go its barely 6:30 pm ?" liam asked " we should go to the mall and walk around" harry said " that sounds great" i said so then zayn got out the shower and loise did to then harry and liam went to go shower " gissel and the us are going to the mall wanna come?" niall asked " sure mate" zayn said as all the boys took a shower and we all left to the mall"

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