summer love

when Zayn sister "gissel" comes to live with zayn does harry fall in love with her?


11. hello Paris

moments later i felt someone tapping on my shoulder i opened my eyes to see zayn " where here" zayn said as i got up on my seat ' how long was i asleep?" i asked zayn " 2 hours " zayn said as we got of the plane me and harry went to star bucks in the airport as we were ordering and we were waiting for our drinks harry went to the bathroom , moments later as i waited for harry to get back i felt a tap on my shoulder i turned around and i saw a guy looking at me with a smirk " how can i help you?" i asked " may i have your name?" he asked as putting his arms around my waist " excuse me?" i said as trying to pull away from him but he was to strong " LET ME GO!!" I yelled but he didn't the other boys were sitting in the lobby and harry was in the bathroom  still, moments later harry came running to me but once he came closer to me and that guy putting his arms around my waist harry socked him in the mouth leaving a puddle  of blood from the guys mouth then the guy punched him in the lip he was about to sock him in the eye but then zayn and the other boys came running towards us then the security came in but they only took the other guy and left harry with us i felt so bad because harry had a busted lip and it was my fault i grabbed  a ice pack and put it on harry's lip he did'int say a word as we sat in the lobby waiting for our tour bus to arrive "your mad at me?" i said " no i'm not mad at you love i'm just furious" harry said " its my fault you got a busted lip" i said " no love its not your fault i'm just furious because i never thought someone would try to take you away" harry said as i was holding the ice pack on his lip " well i feel awful now" i said " well don't feel awful" harry said " but you got a busted lip i feel awful" i sad " love don't worry about it" harry said as leaning in for a kiss " now i feel mush better" i said moments later the boys just came from taking photos with fans and we all sat together as we still waited for the bus..................................

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