summer love

when Zayn sister "gissel" comes to live with zayn does harry fall in love with her?


14. carried off

as we where getting ready to go party at the club i put on A black pencil dress and straightened my hair and got ready as the boys where done and so was i we all headed to go party as we arrived we went through securitys as we entered the boys started dancing and me and harry went to the bar harry ordered a cup of beer and i ordered nothing we sat in the stool chairs while making sure harry don't get wasted i got carried of because zayn wanted to dance with me as i left harry sitting in the stool he ordered 5 drinks by the time i got back to him he was acting drunk telling me how mush he loves me and how i really meant to him i decided to take harry home but the boys where having fun and i didn't want to ruin it so i watched harry again i got carried of next thing you know i was the one getting tired  zayn was now taking care of me and harry moments later zayn and us left home because  they were now tired and me to  and harry was  drunk as we arrived zayn carried me to my room asleep and then he walked harry toour room we fell asleep 

                                                                                 zayn pov 

as i made sure  harry and gissel go to bed because they were tired i went to the living room and i got a phone call from the air force " hello" i said " hello mr.malik?" they asked " yes this is zayn malik" i said " look son i don't know how to explain to you but mrs. malik wont be able to make it home never" they said i started crying my eyes out my one and only parent wont be able to make it home as the other boys came to confort me "how *sniff * im going to tell gissel?"  i said as putting my hands over my head ' you will have to tell her tommorow because she is asleep right now" liam said i went to my room still crying my eyes out because my mom is gone she is now in heaven and i dont know how will gissel take it.................



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