summer love

when Zayn sister "gissel" comes to live with zayn does harry fall in love with her?


3. beach

as today i woke up and it was a perfect day to go to the beach so i got up and wen't to the living room to wake all the boys up then i went to go wake gissel up and i told her to meet us down stairs moments later as we waited for her i told everybody that we are all going to the beach they all agreed and we all went to go change.

                                                         Gissel pov 

           i went upstairs to my room to change i put on a navy blue Hollister bathing suit top and bottom and i put on a whit v neck with sum black short shorts i graved my tote bag and headed downstairs.  

  so we got ready to leave i sat next to harry and zayn and liam was in the front and the others were in the back as we were in the car for 45 min harry fell asleep on my lap as we arrived i woke up harry and we all got out the car their was a big crowd of fans and interviewers harry was holding my arm so i dont get lost in the crowd they were all asking harry if i was his girl friend and harry kept ignoring the poparazzs where everywhere taking picture of me and harry as we got through the crowd we finally found a empty spot we sat down and then liam comes and yells " everybody lets go swimming" so i took of my shirt and shorts leaving only my bathing suit on all the boys except zayn my brother of course were all looking at me " take a picture it will last longer" i said as i grabbed sun screen and handing it to zayn so he could put some on my back because all the other boys were eating a small snack after harry picked me up bridal style and guided me to the water i was a bit scared because i did not know how to swim so i whispered to harry " i don't know how to swim"  so he picked me up again and we went deeper " harry i don't know how to swim " i said " don't worry love i got you" he said as wrapping his arms around me the other boys were in the sand while me and harry in the water. as the sun started going down we all got out the water and started packing as we were leaving harry was holding my hand and i was blushing..

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