Forever Young

Yolo? More like Live While Were Young.


4. What?


About 20 minutes oater we arrived, only to find the biggest shock of my life.

"Thank you sir!" I exclaimed as the driver let me out.

"My pleasure, Ms. Vasquez!" I cheekily smiled. Then the limo drove away.

"Woah, whats going on!?" I exclaimed noticing the giant crowd across the street. "Woah, is that Harry Styles? No it can't be. Oh. my.god! It is! Poor guy, hes being mobbed by crazed fans.." I noticed as I stood on a near by bench trying to get a better look.

"He probably needs help." I thought. "Oh I got it!" I ran and jumped on a near by parked car's hood.

"HEY EVERYONE! LOOK LOUIS TOMLINSON AND NIALL HORAN JUST WALKED INTO THAT SHOP!!!!" I screamed pointing at a near by shop that was called "Nandos."

Just as I suspected the crowd shuffled madly towards the shop, leaving Harry.

"Are you okay?" I asked while approaching Harry.

"Uh..yeah. Uhhh Thanks...." He mumbled while adorably fixing his curls.

"Here we better get you of here before they notice Niall and Louis weren't really there." I exclaimed pulling him with me. "So where were you going?

" the studio we have a meeting with a bunch of producers and managers...Im kind of late now because of the crazy fans." He laughed.

"Yeah, they can be kind of cray cray..." I laughed. "Wait do you know where STUDIO D is?"

"Uh...why Studio D?" He looked startled.

"I'm suppose to be meeting my auntie there, but im not quite sure where it is...My driver just kind of dropped me off here..." I stated.

"OH! Wow, well im suppose to be a Studio right no also!" He exclaimed.

"Really? What a coincidence!" I laughed.

"Yeah come on, its right over here!" He exclaimed grabbing my hand pulling me towards a large building.

"Hello, Harry, Everyone's waiting for you." A lady at the front desk exclaimed. "Woah, who's she? SECURITY! FAN IN THE LOBBY!"

"NO, NO, NO! Wait! I'm suppose to be here, ma'am. My aunt works here!" I gasped.

"Like I haven't heard that one before! SECURITY!" She snickered.

"Seriously, Suzie Vatton is my auntie. I just came here from America to live with her!" I yelled.

"Ohhh you're Dillon?" The lady asked.

"Yes!" I sighed.

"Alrighty then, you 2 are needed on floor 18. Go along now." She fake smiled.

"Woah that was close!" I sighed as Harry and me walked into the elevator.

"Haha yeah, at first I thought they were going to arrest you!" He laughed

"Pfffs im sure they wouldn't do that! No one could arrest this gorgeous face!" I joked.

"You wish!" He laughed.

"Jerk!" I laughed as I "punched" him in the arm.

"OWWW that hurt! No need to get rough I was only joking!" He laughed pretending to be hurt. Just then the elevator dinged and we got out.

"Auntie!" I yelled as I ran up and hugged my aunt.

"Honey, I've missed you so much! Wow you've grown so big!" She exclaimed in a British accent.

"Woah Suz you sound so...uh...Bristish!" I laughed.

"Don't worry by the end of the summer you will too!" She said

"Wow I cant believe this is where you work, you've really changed since America!" I envied. My aunt was about to speak but was interrupted.

"Wait, Dillon! This is your aunt?" Harry questioned, shocked.

"Yeahhh....why?" I said.

"Well, she's our assistant manager and is always with us.." He started.

"Oh really? Too bad I guess we'll be stuck seeing each other a lot this summer.." I pretended to pout.

"Doesn't bother me." Harry winked.

"Everyone back to the meeting room!" A rather large man demanded, kindly.

"You stay out here, i'll be out in about an hour." My aunt informed.

"That'll be boring though!" I complained.

"Don't worry in about 10 minutes Ill send someone to keep you company."
"Alright, thanks I guess." I said as she headed into the other room, leaving me alone.

20 Minutes later

"GOD im so much for her sending me company!" I sighed while sprawled out on the couch on Twitter. Suddenly someone, or well some people cam out of the doors.

"This video is going to be great!" A boy laughed.

"I know! I cant wait....woah. Who are you?" The 4 boys said in unison.

"That's Dillon, her aunt is Suzie!" Harry stated coming from behind.


"Vas happening Dillon?"
"Haha you have a guy name!" None other than the Louis Tomlinson laughed.

"Don't remind me.." I mumbled.

"Hey but I like it!" Lou laughed."I'm gonna call you Dilly!"

"I guess were gonna be seeing a lot of you this summer than, Dillon?" Liam questioned.

"I don't know. Honestly. But Ill try to stay out of you guys' hair..." I started.

"Woah, girl, hold up! We want you in our hair...oh well not literally but you get the point!: Louis laughed.

"Yeah no where else Dill Pickle!" Harry smirked.

"What did you call me?"

"Dill Pickle! Its your new name!" Harry laughed while the rest of the boys broke out into a mad laugh.

"Not happening, Styles.."
"Hey only people close to me can call me Styles!" He corrected while I just went, "Oh."
"Don't worry babe, we'll be that close soon enough..' He winked.

"OOOOH Harolds got a crush! "The boys laughed.He blused.

So the next hour we all goofed around until the adults finished the meeting.

"Dill time to go!" My aunt stated as she exited the meeting room. "Oh wow." She gasped and she saw all 6 of us on top of each other of the floor. NO its not what you think! I tripped over Harry causing him to come down with me then all the boys doggy pilled on us, NOYTHING ELSE!

"Well it seems as if you and the boys are getting along well, that's good!" She smirked and winked

"Auuunttiiie! We fell!" I explained.

"Oh sure...Now come on we need to go get you settled in!" So we left, while the boys all yelled BYE at different times.

"I wonder If they'll ever want to hang out with me again...OH not you again I though at that little voice in my head that always worries. Of course they will, or at least I hope." I though idiotically to myself as I hopped in my aunts limo, with my luggage. This is defiantly not what I expected for my first day in London.






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