Forever Young

Yolo? More like Live While Were Young.


7. Tonight

"Alright! Nightmare on Elm Street it is!" Niall announced while Liam put in the film. Oh god I started watch this film once, and got scared in the first 5 minutes! This isn't good.

Liam and Niall sat on the left couch, Louis and Zayn on the right couch, and me and Harry, well we got the floor. Im sure he could tell I was scared because he pulled me closer to him.

"Don't worry babe its jus a movie.' Harry whispered in my ear about 20 minutes into the movie. I just hid my face in his chest. About 2 hours later the movie ended. During that period I accidently hit Harry in the face with my arm about 2 times(I flail my arms and jump when I get scared), and I basically hid my face in Harry's chest half the movie(Although it was rather soothing).

"Well that was a great film!" Niall stated.

"HAHA Diillon you can open your eyes now! Its over!: Louis joked. I just opened them a blushed.

"How cute shes blushing!!!!!!" Liam laughed.

"Hey I think its rather cute...." mumbled Harry.

"Alright so now what?" I asked, changing the topic. The time was about 10, I noticed that on the clock.

"IM HUNGRY!" Niall yelled. Now that I think about it I haven't ate all day.

"Me too!"" I said.

"PIZZA!" Zayn said. Yumm pizza.


"Whoop for pizza!" Louis yelled.

"Whoop Whoop!" Harry laughed. Jeez these boys are crazy. Soon enough the pizza came and we chowed down.

"Wow Dillon I didn't know you could eat that much!" Nudged Harry.

"I could have ate more! But Niall over here ate like half the pizza!"

"Whoops!" Niall laughed, pizza in his mouth.

"So what now?" Liam stated.

" about truth or dare?" Harry winked.

"YEEEES!" Well all replied in unison, haha im doing that now too!

So we began the game, and sat in a circle on the popcorn covered living room floor.

"I start!" Lou laughed devilish."Lets seeeee hmmmm Dillion..." Oh no he said me.

"I dare you to....." Come on Lou the suspense is killing me! " Jump in the hotel pool fully clothed!"
"Uggggg do I havvvve to?!" I whined like a baby.

"Unless you want to sleep in the shower, in our flat tonight, then yes!"

"I hate you..." I said while we all went down to the pool. And, I jumped in.

"There you happy? Now come on its freezing!" I said running to the elevator.

"Hey, Dill, Nice bra." Harry smirked. OH SHIT I had on a white shirt, I totally forgot, great I had a polka dot bra on...lovely.

Louis just laughed hysterically, he knew his plan all along, that devilish boy.

"Well guys im going to go to my flat and change......" I started.

"NO! I mean you can borrow some of my clothes!" Harry yelled.

"I don't know..."
"No buts come on!" He laughed pulling me in the boy's flat.

"Here where these." He said throwing me a black t-shirt and addidas shorts.

"Thanks? These are gonna be rather large though..."
"Who cares! we're all friends here!!" He laughed.

"Alright....uhhh Harry can you uhh turn around or something?"
"OH! YA! sorry...." He said leaving the room. SO I threw on the dry clothes and headed out to the living area.

"Hey you look hot in my clothes, babe!" Harry laughed.

"Come on lets play the game!" I said while sitting down. "I do recall its my turn?"
"YEP!" Niall said popping the P.

"Alrighty then...lets see...Harry! I dare you to...uhh....kiss Lou!"
"EASY!" He laughed. "Come here big boy!"
Quickly they kissed, ewww disturbing, but funny(:

"You're gonna have to try harder to get pay back for the pool dare, Dill. Because that was lame come back!: Lou laughed.

"MY turn to dare!" Harry yelled. "Liam! I dare you to run down the halls in you boxers with Niall on your back screaming IM NOT CRAZY MY MOTHER HAD ME TESTED!"
"Real mature Harry, real mature!" Liam stuck his tongue out.

"YAAAAY! Piggy back ride!" Niall yelled LOUDLY.

Liam stripped down then ran up and down the halls. Gosh I don't think I've laughed that much In a while. By the time they got back we were all on the ground crying from laughing so hard.

"DONE! NOW COMEON ITS PAYBACK TIME STYLES!" Liam smirked. We all finally got up and went back to our spots.

"Oh wow its my turn to dare..who should I dare?" Liam stated. "OH! Heres an idea! HARRY!" Wow like we didn't see that coming.

"Harry, Harry, Harry. I dare you to..........KISS DILLON FOR 30 seconds!!!" I nearly spit out my soda.

"Fine by me!" Harry smiled. And, we kissed. It started really getting heated up.

"TIME!" Zayn shouted. We didn't listen.

"Hey now kids we said that's time!" Niall laughed. Sadly, we pulled away, blushing.

"AWWWWW how cute! YOUNG LOVE!" Liam shouted.

"I cant believe you Harry, I thought we were special! Were through!" Lou shouted. We all laughed.
"Nice dare, Liam. That sure was tough." Harry smirked. "Alright so who hasn't been a victim yet, ohhhh ZAYN!"
"I dare you too....PUT MAYO IN YOUR HAIR!"

"I hate you..." Zayn said as he walked towards the kitchen.

"MAYOOOO HEAD!" Loud laughed.

"I need to go lather, rinse, and repeat!" Zayn pouted running towards the bathroom. we decided to watch toy story 3.since it was midnight now.

Sure enough, we all fell asleep, me and Harry on the floor.









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