Forever Young

Yolo? More like Live While Were Young.



"Dillion Marie Vasquez!" A voice sounded from the room.

"Whu?" I woke up.

"What in the world are you doing here, in the boys' apartment, in boy clothes, asleep with Harry on the floor!?" She yelled.

"Auntie! Its not what you think, we were watching a movie a fell asleep!"
"Save it, come on I was worried sick about you, this behavior isn't acceptable!" She yelled.

"But Auntiee...."

"Fine.' "Bye guys...."
"Bye....."They all mumbled feeling slight awkward as I slipped out of Harry's arms.

"Bed, Now. We'll talk about this in the morning." She ordered. I noticed the clock, wow 2 am! She worked late...

"Fine, cruela devil..." I mumbled, and started towards my room.

"God, she treats me like im 7!" I thought as I laid In bed with the smell of Harry on his comfy clothes.

TAP TAP TAP! What the heck is that? TAP TAP TAP!
What the?? I thought while waking up, jeez its 2:30am...I just fell asleep! Then I noticed someone tapping on the door on my balcony....

"Who the fuck..."

"OMG HARRY!" I ran over and opened the door.

"Harold how did you get on my balcony?"
"Well my rooms right next door....and well I walked from my balcony along the edge of the hotel ledge to your balcony!"
"What were you thinking you could have killed yourself!!?!"I whispered.
"I wanted to see you!" He smirked.

"Alright, come inside its chilly, But be quiet, my aunt will kill me if she sees you!" We went in and sat on my bed.

"So Styles, what brings you here at 2:3o in the morning?" I laughed.

"Hey I said only close friends can call me that!"
"Oh well sorry I figured after what happened tonight we WERE close enough!""
"I know, we are! Im just tickling your pickle!"
"Uhh...alright ill ignore how lame that was..." I laughed.

"okay well I came here to say...well....erm...I like you Dillon!" He blurted out.

"SHHHHH! My aunt might here..."
"Oh yeah sorry...but really I cant stand being away from you Dilly!"

"Aw I cant stand being away from you wither Harry." And, we kissed, it got intense. Finally and few minutes later we pulled away.

"Well I really should be going now..." He started, while walking towards the window.

"NO! I mean no reason to walk back this late...errm well early...Just stay with me!" I hope he says yes.

"I want to but what about your aunt!?"
"We can lock the door, and you can sneak back in the morning...!" I explained.

"Alright, theres no where else id rather be!"He exclaimed.

"Come on, im exhausted." I said motioning towards the bed.

"Me too..."  He trailed off, getting in bed while I locked the door.

And we lied there, talking and cuddling until we finally fell asleep, me wrap in his strong arms. This felt so right.


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