Forever Young

Yolo? More like Live While Were Young.


12. Shopping fun(;

"Were here!" I grinned.

"Really Dill? Dress shopping? I thought you were the kind of girl who'd rather wear farm clothes than a big ball gown?" He laughed.

"Oh I am. But your not!" I laughed pulling him in the store.

"What are you talking about Dill?"
"Youre gonna try on a dress!"
"No. I AM NOT!" He yelled.

"If you do ill give you a reward!" I tempted him.

"How big of a reward?" He winked.

"As bug as you'd like!" I exclaimed.

"Fine but only if you try on one too!" He stuck out his tongue.

"Its a deal, Styles!" I shook his hand then ran to find the pefect dresses for US. HAHA 

10 minutes later:
"Come out Harry!" I laughed.

"No. I will not!" He mumbled.

"Come on you cant stay in the fitting room forever!" I laughed.

" No, but I can change back into my clothes!" I teased.

"Either you come out or ill have to come in!!" I joked.

"Fiiiiine." He mumbled. Just then the door of the fitting room creaked open, expecting Harry to step out I began laughing thinking about the sight im about to see. But, instead I was pulled into the fitting room.
"Haaaarrrry!" I laughed.

"I choose you coming in here!" He winked.

"Oh wow you look so pretty in that dress Harold!" I joked. He was short sparkly pink dress.

"OH shush it! Now you remember the deal, now you have to put on a dress!" He grinned. Pulling a short red dress off the hanger.

"There's NO way im wearing that Harry!" I groaned.

"Oh yes you will, unless you want me to get payback!" He warned.

"Like what?"
"If I tell you it wont be fair now will it?" He winked.

"Fine, but im not walking out of here in it!" I said,

"Fine with me!" He winked.

"Okay turn around, Harry..' I said.

"Come on Dill youre no fun!" He groaned.

"I know, that's me, Ms.Kill Joy! Not turn around!" He turned around while I changed.

"Okkkkay. donnnnnne." I groaned. He turned around. All he did was drop his jaw. Ugh I didn't think I was that ugly.

"Errmmmm/.....oh uh look...errmmm...." He started.

"Ugly I know, that's why I don't wear dresses!"
"NO! Gorgeous! You should wear dresses more often." I just blushed.

"Well Mr.Styles you should too,, I think you'd look pretty sexy walking down the red carpet in that pink dress!" I laughed.

"Wait no I change my mind!" He practically yelled. "I think you'd look best without the dress."

"Wait what...?" I was confused, he just winked.

"Ohhhh.' I said, I get it now(;

"You wanna?" He questioned

"Here? Now?" I questioned.

"Why not? I mean if you want to...I don't want to rush you or anything!" He mumbled.

"Oh trust me I want to....but what about the workers...surely they'll hear us?"
"Thatll be the fun part...keeping quiet."
"Alright ill trust you Styles."
And we did it. It wasn't like anything to serious since he didn't have any protection, but it was fun. It was getting intense when this happened;


"Uh excuse me? Is everything all right? You've been in there a while?" A ladys voice said awkwardly from the other side.

"Errrm sorry we have aot of clothes to erm try on." Harry squeaked out while we tried so hard not to laugh.

"Alright, sorry but were going to ask you to leave the store. You were making an awful lot of noise.' she ordered.

"Sorry we'll be right out." Harry laughed. She walked away and we got dressed and walked out red faced from laughing and embarrassment.

"GO! And DONT come back you 2..." The lady yelled then stopped dead in her tracks.

"W-w-w-ait yourrrre Harry Styles?" She stuttered.

"What are you talking about? My names Stan Lucas!!" Harry snapped.

"Oh im sorry! You look just like him!" She blushed.

"I don like your tone with my man. Now we'll be leaving before you try like raping him or something." I snapped, flippe dmy ahir and walked out of the store.

"OOOOH GOD! That was too funny!" He laughed.

"I know! Im pretty sure everyone in that store knew what we were doing, Stan!" I laughed.

"Hey do you really want a picture of us on the cover of magazines and the title being; HARRY STYLES AND MYSTERIOUS GIRL GET IT ON IN FITTING ROOM." He laughed.

"Haha that would be to embarrassing!" I laughed.

"That was to much fun!" He grinned.

"I KNOW!" I replied."I'm hungry."

"Im hungry also, for you!" He grinned.

"Shut up you know what I meant!" I said punching him in the arm.

"Ow that hurt!" He pouted.

"Man up! Now come on, I want food!" I said pulling him towards the escalator.

"The lads are going to meet us in the food court, they say they have a funny story to tell us." Harry said as we approached the food court.


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