Forever Young

Yolo? More like Live While Were Young.


9. Morning Call

We were rudely woke up this morning by my aunt banging on my door telling me to get up. I was about to unlock the door when I remembered Harry was still here! 

"Oh shit..." I thought to myself.

"Dillion get out here, you have chores, since your acts last night!" My aunt demanded.

"Uhhhh...hold on I have to get dressed!" I called back, Harry was sitting on the bed trying to figure out what to do.

"Fine, you've got 10 minutes." Mu aunt yelled as I heard her foot steps storm away.

"Gosh, I didn't know she could be that mean!" Harry gasped.

"Oh she'd never be that mean to you guys! Only me..." I replied.

"Well that's not right!!.....I guess I should be going now. If she knows I was here that wouldn't be good!" Harry exclaimed as he started towards the balcony.

"Harry! Wait..."

"Whuu?" He looked confused.

"You cant climb back on the ledge now!" I exclaimed.

 "Why not?"
"Uhhhh its day! Theres fans outside of the hotel! Youll get caught forsure! I can see the headline now, "Harry Styles Sneaking Out Late Night!" I laughed.

"True, True! Then Suzie will know I was here for sure, and probably lock you in a room with no windows!!" He joked.

"Real funny, Styles. But seriously what are going to do? My aunts probably getting suspicious!" I sighed.

"Errrrm...I dunno...Maybe I could just hide in here until your aunt leaves or you can sneak me out?" He suggested.

"That might work....But my aunt comes in my room often just to be nosy...So you'll have to sit in the closet...." I started, he just frowned at the thought of spending the day in my closet.

"Don't worry its a HUUUGE walk in closet.....And ill try as much as I can to get in here fast and find you a way out!" I cleared up.

"Fiiiiinnnne. But I think I deserve a reward for my hard work!" He smirked.

"Oh and what do you have in mind, now huh?"
"I don't know maybe....a kiss!" He shouted.

"HARRRY! Quiet down my aunts going to hear you!"
"I guess a kiss would shut me up?" He grinned.

"Nope." I said popping the P.

"Okkkkay I guess im going to have to scream in 3.....2......" He started so I shut him up with a kiss, knowing he actually wouldnt scream.

"That's better!" He laughed while we  pulled away.
"Alright now I really need to go, my aunt knows im a country girl who doesn't really care about looking good when at home!" I explained shoving Harry in the closet. "And don't you dare go through my drawers!" He just devilishly smirked. I stuck out my tongue.

Yes, I have a dresser in my closet, like I said earlier I have a HUGE closet. Great now time to face my aunt.


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