Forever Young

Yolo? More like Live While Were Young.


2. Me

*3 hours later*

"WOW im bored, hmmmm what to do..." I thought. "Oh, ill write in this journal my mother gave me! At least its something to do!"

So, I began writing about my life.

Woah, this is unbelievable! To think me, Dillon Vasquez, small town girl, who lives a completely normal life, is leaving America! Crazy, right? Well here I'll right a little bit about myself so I can remember the details once I get older! Let me 5'6, with curly brown hair that flops to my shoulders. I'm noting special really, my eyes are a mix of blue and green, actually not to pretty. My free time I usually practice softball or basketball, hang out with my best friends Cassidy, Aliyah,or Robyn, or if im utterly bored, I obsess over One Direction. See, im your basic teenager, except I'm 18 and flying across the ocean all by myself. I'm super excited to see my Aunt, but kind of nervous. I mean when she lived in North America with us well lets just say she wasn't the most stable of people. She didn't have a job, partied ALOT, and wasn't really responsible. Her home was a run down motel. So, she decided she needed to start over and just left for London! I have a feeling she's doing better now, because if not she would have called us for finical aid long ago. Wow, I've already wrote ALOT! hah, well I guess ill wrap this up now. Jeeez, I still cant get use to the fact me Dillon, the not popular-but not lame- girl is leaving my small town in Illinois and going to London! Oh gosh I hope I make friends and this summer isn't a total bore! Quit worrying Dillon, it'll be fine, you worry to much. OMG DILLON quit talking to yourself, act like this and everyone will think youre a loon. Alight I better be done with this before I go nuts. Byyyee my lovely diary!
Write to you soon(; Wait what? It's not like the diary can actually hear me...yep ive lost it.

Well that's enough writing for today! haha, well I better get some rest so im not completely tired when I get there, knowing Auntie she has crazy plans for my first day in London..."I thought to myself as I drifted off while listening to One Direction's album, Take Me Home.

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