Forever Young

Yolo? More like Live While Were Young.


1. Leaving

"Moooooom! Stop! I'm only going to be gone the a few weeks!!" Dillion laughed.

"I know! But im going to miss you so much! I can believe my baby girl's flying all the way to London!" My mother, Alice, sobbed.

"Don't worry it'll be fine! I'll call you every day! Plus, this'll be good for me considering the only other state I've been to is New York..." I explained.

"London, Flight A, Is boarding now!" The intercom echoed from above.

"Well that's my cue! I love you guys and i'll call you as soon as im settled in at Auntie's house!" I exclaimed.

"Mooooom why cant I go with Dillion to London! I want to meet Aunt Suzie too!" Joe, my younger brother complained.

"You're to young, you'll have your chance soon enough!" Mom laughed.

"Bye sissy!! We'll miss you!" All 3 of my crazy brothers, Joe, James, and Ethan, exclaimed in unison.

"I'll miss you guys to now I really need to go! Bye, much love!" I exclaimed running towards the large security men doing bag check and other basic procedures.

*30 Minutes Later*

"Wow I can't believe I'm actually leaving America...This is going to be an amazing summer!" I thought to myself as I watched the ground disappear from below the roaring plane. Only about 9 hours until I get to see Auntie again, wow to think I haven't seen her in 7 years! Lets just hope she isn't a mess like how she was when she lived in America.


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