Forever Young

Yolo? More like Live While Were Young.


11. Idea

We got over to the boy's flat and were basically attacked once we opened the door.

"Have fun last night guys?" Louis laughed as they all got off us.

"NOTHING LOU!" Harry mumbled.

"Oh alright ya cheeky fella!" He shouted.

"So what do you guys want to do?" I said breaking the awkwardness.

"Lets go to the mall and pick up some babes!" Zayn shouted.

"OH yes Dillion wants to pick up some babes im sure of that guys!" Liam smirked.

"Oh yes I do! Every day every night!" I said sarcastically.

"SO Its the malllll!" Louis yelled.

The ride there, which was in the black van, was full of singing crazily. Finally we arrived there in sunglasses and onesies, HAHA, yes I own one(:

"Im going to the food court!" Niall announced as he walked away.

"Were going babe hunting!" The rest of the boys shouted. Wow in guess Harry moved on, that was fast.

"Hey guys I found my babe!" Harry shouted.

"Already! WOW! Harrys on a roll!" Louis shouted,

"So wheres this babe?" Liam grinned questionably.

"Right there!" Harry jumped up and down looking at me.

"Hey babe! Vas happening?" Harry said trying to act cool.

"Uh is something wrong with your voice?" I laughed mocking his failed attempt at acting cool.

"Oh just shutup and kiss me. I know you can resist the charm!" He laughed pulling me in. As we kissed the boys shouted random stuff like;

"Ohhhh get some"


"Woah Harry slow down."

"Well he is right she is a babe."
The last one was Lou, then we pulled away and I just rolled my eyes.

"So me and Dillon are going to walk around. Text me?" Harry said while we turned around, and began walking away.

"OH YES I WILL BIG BOY!" Lou screamed at Harry. We bursted put laughing.

"So where to?" I asked.

"I don't care, your choice." He said.

"Oh ive got an idea!" I winked so I grabbed his hand a drug him to our first shop.


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