Forever Young

Yolo? More like Live While Were Young.


10. Forbidden only to Disobey

"Sit." My aunt ordered as I entered the kitchen. I sat in a seat at the table and began eating the pancake, sausage, eggs, and bacon in front of me.

"Your mother didn't send you all the way to a different country so you could sleep around with the men I work with!" She yelled.

"Suzie! I was only in Harry's clothes because we were playing truth or dare and Louis dared me to jump in the pool in my clothes. So I was going to come back here and change but Harry said I could borrow some of his! He wasn't even in the room when I changed! And also, they aren't men! They're my age for goodness sake! Girls my age hang out with guys, as friends! Its no big deal!" I explained.

"WHATEVER! That's why you were sleeping together on the FLOOR!" She shouted.

"Auntie Suz.. Get this straight. We were watching Toy Story 3 and there wasn't enough room on the couches so me and Harry sat on the floor and fell asleep during the movie, I can help in that we were in the position we were in!" I furrowed.

"Alright. I hate to do this Dillion, but I forbid you to visit them anymore. When I go to meetings with them you aren't to go. This is to distracting for their career, and to tempting for all of you to get drunk and screw up." She spoke.

"But...I don't even drink! Are you serious I come all the way here and youre grounding me from the only friends I have here! I cant believe you!" I screamed.

"One more thing, don't lock you door at night, that makes me suspicious!" She stated.

"Oh my gosh! You're insane!" I cried running from the table to my room. Angry I slammed and locked my door, then collapsed on my bed crying.

"Dill...I heard everything. Don't worry I wont let this happen." Harry said coming from the closet and sitting next to me hugging me. Oh god I forgot he was here.

"No you heard her, Harry. Im not allowed to see you guys anymore. You guys are my only friends here!" I sobbed.

"Shhh calm down, Dilly. Youre aunts going to hear us!" He worried.

"Like I care! She cam find out all she wants! I don't care if she knows I do this;" Then I kissed him, hard. "I don't care abotut her anymore! She finally gets my family to trust her again then she ruins it and acts like my mother! That witch ruined it, now shes losing me again! Im going back to America!"
"Dillion, no you cant. We'll see each other, we'll figure it out! You cant leave me, Dillion." He said.

:But Harry, my aunt doesn't trust me now. She wont let me leave the house without her or go near you guys!"

"I can keep sneaking over here, but go back while its still dark?" He suggested.

"You need sleep Harry." I sighed.

"Right, I cant be tired, I have work..."
"See theres no way we can see each other." I chocked up.

"Wait, Dillion youre 17, right?" He perked up.

"Whens you birthday?" He questioned
"Uhhh...actually its next Tuesday...' I said, wow I forgot about that!

"GREAT! We can just keep up this sneaky visiting until Tuesday, its Sunday now. So that's not to long!" He exclaimed.

"What are you talking about? Ill just be a year older? No difference. She wont trust me more?" I was confused.

"You'll be 18 then! You can live on your own! You'll be an adult!" He exclaimed. I was just quiet.

"Come on Dilly! You can live with us! It'll be loads of fun!" He glowed.

"OH MY GOSH! Harry that's actually a good idea!" I smiled.

"YES!!! This is going to be great!" He exclaimed.

"Wait, one problem. How are you going to get back now? The lads are probably worried sick!" I gasped.

"I texted them and explained it...." He mumbled.

"Hold on let me try to get my aunt out of the hotel....That way we can get you back!" I exclaimed running out of the room. Only to see my aunt on the phone in her office, looking furious.

"Whats wrong?" I asked, hoping she'd have to leave.

"Well there was an issue with uploading the tracks on the cd, so I have to go re upload them." She explained YES this is perfect.

"Oh how bad..." I said haha, not really its great.

"Yes, so i'll have to leave today. But DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT hang out with the boys, I forbid you to." She demanded. Damn ive had enough of this lady acting like she owns me.

"YOU forbid ME?" I shouted.

"Yes. Now get out of the door way, I need to get to the studio office." She said.

"How about no? Aunt Suzie, im turning 18 on Tuesday, you cant tell me who I can and cant hang out with." I said.

"But I can. And I FORBID you to see them" She smirked.

"Just watch me!" I yelled running to my room. She just left. Great aunt, huh?
"WOW you told her!" Harry laughed.

"It felt good! Im sick of being the little farm girl everyone pushes around!" I grinned.

"You deserve a reward!" He smiled.

"I think I do!" I exclaimed. So we started kissing, it got pretty intense. Lets just say we were on the bed awhile. NO we didn't "do it." But hey we had fun(;

"Lets go over to my flat and hang with the boys." Harry said when we were finally finished. \

"Alright! Lets go!" I smiled skipping out of the room.


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