Forever Young

Yolo? More like Live While Were Young.


13. Food Court

"Hey guys over here!" We heard a voice call and saw the boys sitting at a table.

"So im guessing youre babe hunting failed considering there's no new gals here?" I laughed as me and Harry sat down.

"Eh none of them are my type!" Zayn mumbled.

"Hey we have girlfriends thank you very much!" Liam and Lou laughed. We all waited for Niall to say something.

"HEY! Foods my only love!" He laughed, causing us to. Finally when we settled down Lou talked.

"You'll never believe what we heard!"
"What?" Harry asked.

"Well this is crazy I know but some crazy teenagers got it on in the dressing room of the fanciest dress shop in London Mall!" He laughed. We just blushed.

"Wait a minute...." Zayn started.

"It was you 2!!!!" Niall yelled.

"Oh god..."Liam mumbled.

"Hey Live While Were Young? Right?" I laughed.


"Lou shut up! Do you want every one to know that Harry Styles did it in a fitting room?" I laughed.

"Don't tell me to shut up girl!" He demanded.

"Yes, fatherrrr!" I pouted. We finished eating when I realized I hadn't checked my phone since I got here.
"WOAH!" I exclaimed. The boys looked a me confused.

"Ive got 160 new messages!!" I gasped.

"Well well aren't you popular?" Nudged Harry.

"Shut uuuuup!" I laughed, he ripped the phone out of my hands.

"Hey give it back!"NI complained.

"Hold your horses Dillo!" He laughed then gave it back.

"Really Sexiest man alive?" I laughed noticing he added himself in my contacts.

"Hey I cant help it!" He laughed.

"Youre such a dork, you better put my contact as sexiest girl alive!"Ijoked.

"Oh will do, and together well be the sexiest people ever!" He joked.

"You 2 are retarded!" Lou said.

"You're just jealous!" I stuck out my tongue.

"Oh god guys look at the time we better go!" Daddy Liam butted in.

"Ugh time to go face the aunt, this'll be fun." I mumbled as we walked out of the mall.

"Hey don't worry its only1 more day!" Harry smiled. "Then you can live with me!!"
"Yeah that's a dream come true!" I said sarcastically.

"It is!" He winked Then we hopped in the car and jammed to tunes the whole ride back to the hotel.


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