Forever Young

Yolo? More like Live While Were Young.



Dillion's POV:

Soon enough we arrived back at the hotel. Great, time to face the aunt.

"See ya later?" I directed towards the boys. A chorus of see ya's replied.

"Hey, don't worry. I'll sneak over later." Harry winked.

"Haha alright. I'll text ya!" I exclaimed pecking him on the lips then walking into my aunt's flat.

"DILLION VASQUEZ! WHERE ON EARTH HAVE YOU BEEN!?" My aunts voice boomed through the room.

"I was out with friends." I said flatly.

"What friends? You don't have any friends here...You were with the lads of One Direction, weren't you!" I didn't respond. "I can't believe you! You fly all the way to London and I kindly let you stay with me and this is how you treat me! You're putting their career at stake here! But you don't care, obviously."

That's it. This chick is crazy.

"No. I can't believe you! I fly all the way here, giving you a second chance to be a part of my life, and you're running it! You're banning me from being with my only friends, and a boy I happen to like, all because you work for them?! I'm not putting their career at risk, AT ALL, by hanging out with them! All it is is 6 teenagers hanging out, enjoying life! You've ruined gaining my trust back, I really thought you changed. But no, you got worse. I turn 18 in a few days and then I'm moving out. The boys offered to let me live with them, because they care about me! Unlike you." I ended my rant and noticed she was in tears.

"I-I'm sorry Dillion...I didn't realize..." I cut her off.

"No, I'm sorry. But I can't forgive you right now. You're trying to take away the people I care about, and I'm not okay with that. Maybe in the future, I'll forgive you if you can prove to me you can show you care. But until then, I just can't do this again. I care about you Auntie, I really do. I never told anyone about what you did back in America because you were already under enough hot water. I really thought you changed, but It's beginning all over again. I'm sorry, and I love you." I finished my speech, with tears forming in my eyes. I need someone right now, I need Harry.

Not hesitating, I ran to my room and called Harry.


"H-H-Harry." I chocked out.

"Are you crying? What's wrong?" His voice was full of concern.

"I-I need you."

"Hold on I'll be right over." He panicked.

"No-No I'll come to yours." I stopped him, and hung up the phone. No way will my aunt allow him here, especially after our little fight. Quickly, I ran out of the apartment before my aunt could stop me. Soon enough, I found myself out side their door, knocking. Almost immediately the door opened to reveal Harry's concerned face.

"What did your aunt do?" He asked hugging me and pulling me into the living room.

"I-It's a long story." I chocked out, you see that argument brought back memories, bad memories.

"I have time. Now please, tell me, I want to help."

"Well...we had an argument and it brought back memories...bad memories." I began.

"You can tell me Dillion, I won't judge you, I'm here for you." By now, my tears had ran dry.

"Well, back in America my aunt lived a few hours from us, so every summer I'd spend it at her house. Since she lived in Hollywood and there was always fun stuff to do there. Although, one summer when I went there she had changed. Her house was a mess, and she was meaner. Every night she would leave and go to a bar, then come home later drunk with a random guy. I basically cared for myself. One night though, she brought home a man and decided she wasn't up for having any fun. He became furious, and slapped her. Then this happened;

"You're not fucking me! End of story!" My aunt screamed from upstairs, I was sitting in the living room on the couch, tying to block out the screams. This is defiantly a change from the usual moans that came from her room.

"Well if I can't fuck you then I'm fucking that girl down stairs!" He screamed.

"LIKE I CARE!" My aunt spat back. Wait...what? I was so confused at what my aunt and that man just agreed to...I was 13 at the time, this was not happening. Suddenly, everything became quiet. Scared, I ran and hid in the closet in the bathroom. Loud footsteps boomed down the stairs.

"DAMN!! Where'd that brat go!?" The man screamed. By now I was silently pleading for my aunt to sober up and realize what he was about to do to me.

Hearing the footsteps pass the bathroom and go towards the front door, I decided to make a run for it. Silently, I creped up the stairs towards my aunt's room, to knock some sense into her so she would help me.

As I stepped in her room I noticed she was passed out, from all the alcohol, on her bed.

"Auntie?" I shook her body. Just then I heard footsteps running up the stairs.
"AUNTIE! PLEASE!" I shook her body uncontrollably, tears poring out of my eyes.

"AHA.Here you are!" A voice boomed from the door way. Looking over I saw the scariest looking man ever, hunger in his eyes, nothing nice about them.

Next thing I knew, he grabbed me, ignoring my screams, and flung me into the first bedroom he saw.

That night he did the worse things possible to me, while I cried out in pain and fear. And to this day I still can't forgive my aunt. I know she didn't know what was happening, form the alcohol and all, but still. It happened. Because of her."

Looking over at Harry I noticed he had tears in his eyes.

"I-I-I'm so sorry Dillion.  That's terrible." he chocked out, wrapping me in his warm arms.

"Now you see why me coming here was such a big deal. I actually thought she changed. But she still doesn't give a damn about my feelings."

"It's okay, Dillion. I'm here for you. Nothing like that will ever happen again, I promise."

And with that he pecked me on the forehead and we both drifted off into a deep sleep in each others arms.








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