Forever Young

Yolo? More like Live While Were Young.


3. Commotion

Suddenly, I began being shook madly. Terrified I screamed:


"Ma'am calm down were not crashing, its just time to get off the plane!" A kind flight attendant explained, mockingly.

" Sorry, and uhhh thanks..." I mumbled continuing off the plane. "Gosh, where could she be???!!" I worried while looking around the large room at the airport for my aunt.

"God she probably forgot about me! Jeez some people never change!" I grumbled as I pulled my white iphone5 out of my pocket and calling my aunt.

"UH hello?" My aunt sounded through the phone.

"WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU!?!" I furrowed.

"Oh gosh! Dilly! I forgot! I uhh...i'm in a meeting right now. Can you take a bus here?" She questioned.

"Sure?.... But wait! Where are you? I don't know where you live!"

"Oh, umm im not at home right now, im at the office. You'll have to com here. Your still at the airport right? Well go over to the EAST DESK and say Suzie Vatton sent you. They will direct you to a private ride."

"Thank you Aunt Suzie. I'll see you in a bit. Love ya!" I exclaimed, mad at her.

"Bye, now I have to go honey." The line was ended.

"Well great first day here and she cant even pick me up!" I thought to myself as I approached the EAST DESK. "Hi, Suzie Vatton sent me..."
"Name?" The lady said boringly.

"Uhh...Dillon Vasquez."

"Ah, yes, this way Dillon I've been expecting you." The lady said in a happier tone as she directed me through rather large doors. "Here this limo will take you to STUDIO D, that's where Mrs.Vatton is."

"Thank you!" I stated as my jaw formed an O, noticing my ride was a limo."Jeez I guess Auntie Suz really did straighten out her life..."

Then I was drive off to so called, STUDIO , where supposedly by aunt worked.


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