OMG is this happening

Amy hates 1D she thinks there music is terrible. But when her friend Jessica's dad is the new maneger of 1D her feelings change she never thought that she could love 1D


1. I am getting annyed

Amy Holtzour was walking home from school with her friend Jessica.  "Oh my god Amy have you heard about this new band One direction?". Amy rolled her eyes, " Yeah I have and I hate them they think they are so purfect with their one song, What is it called? Er, eh, um oh ya" What Makes you beautiful"  that song is stupid I mean yeah they want to know you are beautiful but do they have to say it a bizziloin times!" " Amy chill out!" Jessica said " I didn't mean to get you all mad I thought you liked 1D?" Amy was really annoyed, she didn't say a word til she got home.

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