More than this

Julia, who just turned 17 got to go on a trip to London over the summer alone for a present. She ends up h ing a great time there, but runs into one direction. But when she finally gets to know them more and more, she starts having feelings for Harry. But what Julia doesn't know, is that Harry is already falling in love with her.


2. Settling in

When I got of the plane, I was so excited.

When my bags got to the airport I took them and went outside. A few minutes later, I got a taxi and went to my hotel. There is so much to do!!!!! I can't believe I am here. There is so much to see! Oh my god. Stop freaking out, I told myself.

Once I got into the hotel, I walked up to the front desk and told the lady what room number I was staying in, and the lady told me I was on the top floor.

"Ok. Follow me this way." The front desk lady said. I followed her into the elevator, and to my room. "Ok, here is you suite, it has a master bed, master bathroom, oh! And in here, you have a little kitchen." 

"Wow! I mean, thank you. I will very much enjoy it. Oh. Is this London or UK?"

"Well, London is in the UK." She said smiling.

"Oh. Gotcha." I said. When the lady left, I unzipped my suitcase and hung up my clothes, and put away my pants, shoes, pjs, etc. then, I left the room. I felt like doing a little site seeing because well, it's London!!!! But site seeing doesn't really end up seeing, it ends up as 'buying' .

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