More than this

Julia, who just turned 17 got to go on a trip to London over the summer alone for a present. She ends up h ing a great time there, but runs into one direction. But when she finally gets to know them more and more, she starts having feelings for Harry. But what Julia doesn't know, is that Harry is already falling in love with her.


1. On my way

Julia's P.O.V:

"Ok, I think I'm already to go."

My mother was ready to Burst into tears. She sighed. "okay. You have fun now. And don't get Into any trouble with boys!"

"Don't worry. I won't."

My mom is going nuts. Just then the bell rings for my flight to London. I get my bag ready, hug my dad, sister, and my mom who I think is already crying, and then go into the plane. When the plane was up in the air, I started reading a magazine and I saw one direction.

' it would be so cool to meet them' I thought. I shrugged and then fell asleep.

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