More than this

Julia, who just turned 17 got to go on a trip to London over the summer alone for a present. She ends up h ing a great time there, but runs into one direction. But when she finally gets to know them more and more, she starts having feelings for Harry. But what Julia doesn't know, is that Harry is already falling in love with her.


3. Meeting the boys

As I was looking through the glass of this beautiful necklace, I heard screaming girls, a bunch of them, screaming something.

Then as they got closer, I knew what they were saying; "OMG! IT'S ONE DIRECTION!!! AHHHHHH!!!!"

I looked up for a quick second, and then blacked out. I woke up later kind of bouncing.

When my eyes adjusted, someone was carrying me. "Who are-" then I saw who it was. "Harry styles?"

"Yeah. That's me. What's your name?"

"Uh, oh, um...Julia." I stammered a little.

harry laughed under his breathe. " pretty name."

Ugh! He has the best accent! I thought, talking to myself. All of a sudden, my head started throbbing.

"Ow. What happened?"

Harry looked down at me. "Well, crazy screaming girls nocked you over and that's how you blacked out."

"How did you find me and why do you want to help me?"

" I found you Laying on the ground after I hid from the girls. when I came out of hiding, it looked like you were hurt so I came and picked you up and started walking."

"Oh. Where are we going?" I asked, confused at the moment.

"To my place. You will be safe there."

A few minutes later, I fell asleep in Harry's arms. I woke up on a bed. It was really comfortable. Where am I? Seconds later, I heard muttering and laughter coming from what it seems like down stairs. I decided to get up and go downstairs. As I was walking down the stairs, the voices were sounding more and more familiar. Then I knew who the voices belonged to; Harry styles, zayn Malik, Niall horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne. Once I made it down stairs, they saw me.

"Hey! Is this who you were talking about Harry?" Niall said.

"Vas happening!" Zayn said enthusiastically.

"Hey guys." I said smiling. 'Wow. They are nicer and sweeter than I thought.' I said to myself.

"Come join the convo love," said Louis.

"Okay." I said.

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