More than this

Julia, who just turned 17 got to go on a trip to London over the summer alone for a present. She ends up h ing a great time there, but runs into one direction. But when she finally gets to know them more and more, she starts having feelings for Harry. But what Julia doesn't know, is that Harry is already falling in love with her.


7. It's a date

  When I woke up, I found Harry not beside me. I figured the boys were downstairs. As I walked downstairs, I smelt pancakes. 

" Hey Julia!" Said Niall, about to eat a pancake.

" hey Niall." 

"Good morning." said harry, smiling like he always does. 

"hey Harry. Thanks for last night."

"No problem." he said, taking a pancake from the platter. we all got our pancakes and sat down at the table

" so, julia, what would you like to do today?" said louis.

"um, you guys should pick, I mean,I'm not really apart of this life."

" Of course you are!" 

"I honestly don't care what we do today." I said, taking a bite of my pancake.

" well, we'll figure it out later then." louis said, clearing his plate. 

Harry's P.O.V:

The boys and I cleared our plates. I was about to grab Julia's Plate, but she began to clear it herself.

"you know, you don't have to do that."

She smiled at me."I know."I smiled back. 


An hour later, I found Julia sleeping on the couch. I felt bad for her. I mean, she had a rough night last night. I decided to take a shower, and get changed into clothes. Another hour passed, and I found Julia awake watching t.v. 


"Oh. Hey harry. sorry I fell asleep. I was so tired." She said looking back at me. I went to sit on the couch beside her.

" have you ever been to the UK before?" I asked.

"No. I would love to see the city though one time." she said, shaking her head.

" Why don't I show you around then." 

" Okay. Its a date" Julia said, smiling with joy. 




Julia's P.O.V:

Harry showed me so many things that I never even knew before. I had a really good time. Later, we got lunch. We laughed, and joked around. thats when I wanted to ask him something.

"So harry, I still don't understand why you saved me." His green eyes were so beautiful to look in. 

" I saved you because I-" he stopped. I looked at him, confused. He started again. 

 "I saved you because I-It looked like you were hurt." he said, relaxing. 

 "oh. well, thank you Harry." He smiled at me with his dimples very visible. 



We finished eating lunch and then we headed back home. well, harry's house, I guess its mine temporarily. The boys were all sitting down on the couch eating a snack while watching t.v. 

"Hey guys." Harry said, with his husky british accent. Louis looked over and saw us. 

"oooh. Harry, you got a girlfriend?" That made me blush big time.

"no. uh, we are just friends." I could see that harry was blushing too. " I just showed Julia around town. Since she hasn't been here before."

"yup." I said jumping in the convo.

The rest of the night we all ate popcorn and candy while watching love actually. Then we headed off to bed.



















Julia's P.O.V:

Harry showed me so many things that I have never heard of. It was pretty facinating. 




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