More than this

Julia, who just turned 17 got to go on a trip to London over the summer alone for a present. She ends up h ing a great time there, but runs into one direction. But when she finally gets to know them more and more, she starts having feelings for Harry. But what Julia doesn't know, is that Harry is already falling in love with her.


6. Bad Dream

Julia's P.O.V:

I was running for my life, bleeding to death, screaming- I woke up sweating. my breathing was heavy and my heart was beating faster and faster. I looked around my dark room. It was almost pitch black. I managed to get out of bed and go into harry's room. It was easy to find cause it was right across the hall from my room. 

I opened the door to his room slowly and quietly and nudged harry's arm.

"Harry, Harry!" I said in a whisper. Harry opened his eyes slowly.

"What's wrong?" 

"I dont know...", I said, still breathing heavy. I looked at him with fear in my eyes. 

Thats when harry got out of bed to turn the light on. He looked at me.

"are you okay?" He held my shoulders." your really shaking."

"would you like to sleep in my room tonight?" I nodded my head as went to climb in his bed under the covers. The rest of the night I slept soundlessly. I can't believe I had that dream again. I don't know why, but whenever I'm with harry, I feel safe and secure.  

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