The dragon warrior

I'm Ronnie and I'm writing a book.


1. Christmas is fun

Christmas 2012

Keely is on Santa's lap. (Next day) it's Christmas Keely is doing her hair and dancing. Now Keely is doing Santa's hair. Keely is now Santa and mommy is on keely's lap. Next my mom has lots of presents and a dragon warrior and a 3Ds and a copy book oh yeah and a baseball & bunny blanket. Keely was Santa and Santa was Keely. And Keely still got presents because she's Santa and its just like Halloween even though its Christmas. I said "listen to my Santa joke it's funny HO HO HO". Is it a reindeer or Santa I don't know let's guess it and see! I think its a reindeer Santa says it was a santa******then I dance******that was lots of balloons and Santa gave him all the presents because he was so so so good & this kids name was Ronnie Philip(ME!!) all the kids then played in the snow!! It was raining snow. So the kids put their tongues out to catch all the snow. So the colors of the snow was white and pink.
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