Love at first sight

A 16 year old girl called Charlotte is abused by her unckle after her parents die in a car crash. She escapes him after 2 years but has no where to go because her unckle didn't let her see anyone so everyone turned away from her. Her unckle chases her but luckily Niall and Louis were walking past when Jack her unckle tackles her and Lottie hits her head on the concrete. Niall runs to help her while Louis calls the police and immediatly after helps. Jack ends up in prison but what happenes next?


11. What did I do?

Lottie's POV

It was Jack. My jaw was hanging and I sat there frozen looking at him. I closed my mouth and let my self speak. "BOLT! ATTACK!" I yelled as Bolt bolts in to the room and starts to growl. " That stupid little mutt will not bite me if he wants to see you alive" Jack threatened. He looked a bit scared so I let Bolt growl at him for a bit longer. Untill Jack pulled out a knife, he wasn't joking. "Bolt stop, come here!" I said with a quietl and shaky voice. I hugged him tightly closing my eyes as tears fell onto his shiny smooth fur. I was scared that he was going to hurt him. I whispered in his ear. "Get the home phone and call someone" Luckily Jack didnt hear me. We have been teaching him incase of emergencies, but he had never succeeded it yet. Bolt waited for me to say go. "Get that mutt outta here..." Jack said looking at his sharp blade. "Go and stay " I said and Bolt ran off into our room. "Your dumb little friend cant save ya now " he laughed in my face as tears started rolling down my cheek again. I saw Bolts snout poke out the door and for a few seconds and I had a feeling he was done. He did it. I hope. I put Niall under number 1 so when he presed 1 it would automaticaly call him. I heard the ringing and thankfully somehow Jack didn't, he was too busy thinking how to punish me. I heard someone say hello on the phone it was very quiet. This was my chance.


Niall's POV

I looked at my phone with excitment I hoped it was Lottie. It was our home phone number. Something bad must have happened or her phone died. I truly hoped her phone died. I aswered the phone with a concerned "Hello?" I couldn't hear anyone. It sounded like someone was sniffing the microphone. It must have been Bolt. I carried on listening. I could hear a man talking. At this point I was panicking. I went to Louis and put the call on loudspeaker. We listened carefully. "HELP ME!" We both almost jumped out of our skins. We didn't dare make a noise. If we could hear them, they could hear us. We looked at each other thinking this cant be. Louis called the police and told them everything. Louis was looking all over the flat to find his keys to his van while I wrote a note to the lads. 'Lottie's in danger, we've gone to help her. " FOUND THEM" Louis yelled while jumping up from under his bed. I grabbed my coat and ran downstairs. We got into Louis van and drove down to my flat. It was going to be a while. It was far. It was the middle of the night so there was almost noone around, tempting Louis to go faster "Louis do you wanna save her or kill us before we save her?" I asked Louis a bit annoyed. "Sorry" He said upset looking ahead. "I don't want her to be hurt" He said with sadness. We drove for about an hour before we got there. We got there before the police. This made my face burn with anger. I called them again this time shouting down the phone and they finally came 3 minutes after. Who knows what could have happened to her by now. She could be laying there on the floor dead.


Lottie's POV

"HELP ME!" I yelled as loud as I could to try to get the other person to realise that I needed help. "SHUT YOUR MOUTH! You have no idea what is going to happen. Your nightmares back" He laughed inches away from my face. He walked around the couch while I sobbed into my hands.

I looked up and I was in mine and Niall's room. I have no idea how long I was out for. The last thing I could remember was me sobbing into my hands. I dont know what happened to me after. I had a peice of cloth in my mouth and tied round the back of my head so I couldn't speak. I looked out the window and noticed it was still dark. I flipped my head the other direction and saw the clock on the night stand. It was 12:40. I was out for half an hour. I looked around for Bolt. But he wasn't in the room with me. That's where he was last time I looked. He was a subborn one and wouldn't listen to anyone else but me and Niall when told to stay. I layed there still with my eyes closed. I tried to look like I was still asleep so he wouldn't do anything to me untill I was up. My plan was to act almost dead. Not moving ignoring him and pretending to be sleeping untill someone would help me out. I heard the door open and in walked Jack he looked at me for a second and walked back out. Plan worked for now. Thank God. I kept my eyes shut and somehow managed to sleep for 10 more minutes before he came in shaking me trying to wake me up. I couldn't pretend anymore, he was now slapping me across the face. I slowly opened my eyes in shame. The pain got too much and the second my eyes opened tears rolled down to my ears. "Guess what time it is?" He said. I didn't want to answer because what ever I would say he would punish me twice as hard. I already heard the rules once before. He got closer to me and pulled out his blade inspecting it. He then lowered it as he put it closer to my face. I moved my head so I wouldnt face him but he grabbed my chin and said "Look at me! I want to see the pain in your eyes grow." He said with a smirk on his face. 

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