Love at first sight

A 16 year old girl called Charlotte is abused by her unckle after her parents die in a car crash. She escapes him after 2 years but has no where to go because her unckle didn't let her see anyone so everyone turned away from her. Her unckle chases her but luckily Niall and Louis were walking past when Jack her unckle tackles her and Lottie hits her head on the concrete. Niall runs to help her while Louis calls the police and immediatly after helps. Jack ends up in prison but what happenes next?


12. My hero

Lottie's POV

I opened my eyes slowly. My whole body throbbing. I pushed my self up with my elbows. I was untied. I heard banging at the front door. Was someone going to rescue me. I couldn't hear Jack. I noticed the home phone was on the floor pulled out of the socket. He must have realised what has happened. I tried siitting up but the pain was too much. I was covered in blood. Just like last time. "Im coming in!" I heard a thick irish accent. It was Niall. It must have been him on the phone. I heard the door fall off the hinges and on to the ground creating a big bang. Louis rushed to my room while Niall looked around the flat for Jack. Niall rushed into our room. " He's gone" he said. Then the police officers ran in. There was nothing they could do now Jack was gone. He was going to be back. "You guys can stay at my house untill things get sorted out" Louis said holding my hands. "Thanks Lou" Niall said. He grabbed a bag and stuffed both of our clothes inside it. Niall picked me up and carried me down to the van. Louis grabbed the bag and at that moment Bolt came out from under the bed and ran after us. Niall placed me in the back and sat himself next to me. Bolt was sitting in the front looking at both of us. He looked a bit sad and dissapointed because there was nothing he could do to help. We arrived at Louis house. He took our bag and Bolt inside while Niall picked me up again and carried me in onto Louis bed. "You guys sleep in my room and I'll sleep on the sofa bed" Louis spoke placing our bag by the bed. "Thanks Louis your the best" I managed to finally say something. He smiled and walked out closing the door behind himself. Niall looked at my body and started to cry. "I shouldn't have left you" he said with a shaky voice. "Its not your foult" I tried to speak "I didn't lock the door after coming back from Sarah's" I explained. " No please dont blame your self. If I never left you none of this would have happened" He said while leaning in to hug me. I missed him it wasn't even that long that he left but it felt like he was gone for ever. He let me go and went to the bathroom to fill up the bath. He pulled some of my clean clothes out of the bag and carried me to the bathroom. He undressed me and slowly lowered me into the bath. He rubbed his hand on my body makeing the blood come off revealing all the cuts on my body. Then he saw the bruises on my inner thighs. "This isn't all he's done is it?" He asked me looking into my eyes. I shook my head. He then gently rubbed the dry blood off my face. He leaned in slowly looking into my eyes as I looked into his marble orbs. Before I knew it I could feel his sweet lips on mine. 


Niall's POV

I took her out dressed her and put her down on the bed. I crawled in the bed next to her. She layed her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. I brushed her hair of her face and kissed her on the cheek. Louis was already asleep. I could hear him snoring in the living room. I closed my eyes but couldn't sleep. I was too excited to be with her.

*Knock-knock-knock* I open my eyes and watch the door open. It was Louis " Do you Gu-" he said before I interrupted him "shh". "Sorry, do you guys want somethin' to eat?" He whispered. "Sure" I whispered back "We will be down in a couple of minutes" I finished. He walked back out and closed the door. I watched Lottie for a couple of minutes before she woke up. "Hey Princess" I whispered kissing her cheek. "Ive missed you, Ive missed my prince on his white horse" She spoke softly. She slowly got up. Still in pain but she looked like she could just about cope with it. We got dressed and slowly made our way downstairs to the kitchen. The table in the kitchen was already set. I looked at the table and there was a note 'Hey Niall, I just popped out to talk to Paul. Im gonna ask him to move the tour. You need your girl to heal up all her wounds. I'll also talk to him about Lottie coming with us. Im also picking up the rest of the boys to talk to him with me so Paul has no chance of saying no. Bon appetit' I took the note and smiled sticking it into my pocket. We sat down and ate the amazing breakfast. I didn't think Louis could cook so well.

When we finished I put the plates in the dishwasher and I helped her up. We walked slowly to the living room. She sat down and I walked towards my guitar which I have left there by accident  ages ago. I took it and sat down next to her. I looked up and she was looking at me. Her eyes filled with joy. I looked back down and began.


You can be the peanut butter to my jelly,

You can be the butterflies I feel in my belly,

You can be the captain,

And I can be your first mate,

You can be the chills that I feel on our first date


Dont know if I could ever be,

Without you 'cause boy you complete me,

And in time I know that we'll both see,

That we're all we need,

Cause your you're the apple to my pie,

You're the straw to my berry,

You're the smoke to my high,

And you're the one I wanna marry,


You know that I'll never doubt ya,

And you know that I think about ya,

And you know I cant live with ya,

I love the way that you smile,

and maybe in just a while,

I can see you walk down the isle,


Cause you're the apple to my pie,

You're the straw to my berry ,

You're the smoke to my high,

And you're the one I wanna marry,

(Perfect Two-Auburn)


Lottie's POV

He walked to the other side of the room and grabbed a guitar. I looked at him. I didn't know he could play. I was looking at him, and he soon did too. He looked back down and started playing. I was amazed. It was beautifull. I had no idea he could play. My eyes were tearing up. I wanted to hug him but I also didn't want him to stop. It was beautifull. He soon stopped and looked at me. The tears of joy were running down my cheek. He dropped his guitar and hugged me tightly. "This song describes how I feel about you. Every single line..." He grabbed his guitar once again "And maybe in just a while, I can see you walk down the isle". He stopped, looked at me and pulled out a small purple box from his pocket while leaning down on one knee.

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