Love at first sight

A 16 year old girl called Charlotte is abused by her unckle after her parents die in a car crash. She escapes him after 2 years but has no where to go because her unckle didn't let her see anyone so everyone turned away from her. Her unckle chases her but luckily Niall and Louis were walking past when Jack her unckle tackles her and Lottie hits her head on the concrete. Niall runs to help her while Louis calls the police and immediatly after helps. Jack ends up in prison but what happenes next?


3. Moving in with him.

Liam's POV

That girl is so precious, she's beautifull. Her and Niall would be perfect together. My thoughts going all over the place. I look over at Louis and his eyes are glued to her. "Earth to Louis" I say quietly into his ear so that the girl didn't hear. Nothing. Still in his own universe. I remembered what the doctor said to Louis, but I don't think he'll be going anywhere for a while. I nudge Zayn standing next to me and I whisper " I'm gonna get the doctor". He gave me a nod and turned back around. I look around for him. Then I hear  "Vas Hapnin' im Zayn" Zayn said in his goofy loud voice and then I heard the rest mumble their names individually. I turn around on my heals about to walk the other direction when my nose almost touched the doctors nose. I jumped back without saying a word. Well that was awkward I thought to myself while rubbing the back of my neck. "So, is she awake?" He asked like nothing happened." yes. That's why I came out to look for you."but you found me, I finished off in my head realising how weird that sounded. He opened the door and Louis and Harry were sat at the foot of the girls bed and Zayn on the foot of Niall's. "That's Liam" Zayn said in his goofy voice again, and the girl replied like an angel "Hi Liam, Im Charlotte, but just call me Lottie". My eyes were now glues to hers, its like she had magic powers.I finally opened my mouth ready to speak but nothing came out for a few seconds then "Hi-Lottie-nice-to-meet-you" my mouth said as fast as it could. Everyone started laughing. They didn't say anything though because they all knew how Niall and lottie looked at each other.


Lotties POV

I started laughing at Liam he was so cute when he laughed. They all felt like my brothers who I could trust, I pretty much knew everything about them. Then the doctor came and sat by me on a chair. "Do you remember how everything started?" he said in the most calming and understanding voice."Well do I start with how it all started or how it happened that I got here?" I questioned the doctor a bit confused on where to start. He looked at me softly you can say how it all started, im sure it will get to how you ended up here" he spoke with understanding and some humor. So I began "It all started 2 years back, my mum just had my little brother and they were on their way home when they all died. They were in a car accident, I never knew whos foult it was or how it happened. I was home with my uncle since I wasn't aloud to stay on my own, because my dad would be with my mum the whole time. I didn't mind because it was only hours before uncle Jack changed. There was noone else in the family. Both of my parent didn't have sibling and all of my grandparents already passed away, it was only Jack my dads step brother, he was nice to everyone untill that night. That night when the police came to our door I couldn't believe it. That night was also the same night Jack changed, he made everything worse. He would beat my for any reason he could find. I remeber a month later I tried running away but somehow I cut his face and he got me anyway. That night after what happened I will never forget. I couldn't remeber how I cut his face but I remember every second of the punishment. This time I escaped but he tackled me. This time Niall and Louis were there to help me and now im free." I finished now, balling my eyes out into Louis shoulder. He had me in the most comforting hug. I looked up and all the boys were frozen with their mouths wide open and then I looked at the doctor, his eyes were like marbles. He felt so bad for me. "Well ok questions over I'll just put that you're 18 and your can live with one of your mates here". I was so suprised at what i heard, I thought he was dreaming.


Niall's POV

She looked so sad I wanted to go over to her and hug her. But I didn't feel my legs at all. Damn, Louis was there first. I hear him say "You can move in with me, babe" he whispered in her ear. She just nodded and hugged him. I looked away, at the window and a small tear ran down my cheak.

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