Love at first sight

A 16 year old girl called Charlotte is abused by her unckle after her parents die in a car crash. She escapes him after 2 years but has no where to go because her unckle didn't let her see anyone so everyone turned away from her. Her unckle chases her but luckily Niall and Louis were walking past when Jack her unckle tackles her and Lottie hits her head on the concrete. Niall runs to help her while Louis calls the police and immediatly after helps. Jack ends up in prison but what happenes next?


4. I loved him.

Lotties POV

It was getting late, the doctor told the boys to go home and come back tomorrow to pick us up. They all gave us a "good night" and left silently without making much noise. I looked over at Niall and he was still looking out the window. Why didn't he come comfort me earlier, I really needed him next to me. I was confused, I want to curl up next to him with my head on his chest while he stroked my back and spoke about anything. He was looking out the window for an hour now. I stood up silently without him hearing me and I sat the foot of his bed, I accidently sat on his leg but he didn't feel it. I softly spoke "What's wrong, why are you so upset?"  He flinched as he didn't expect me to be anywhere near him. At this point we were looking directly into each others eyes. I could tell he was hurt. So I asked a different question. "What happened after I blacked out?" He looked at me soflty and after a few seconds spoke still looking into my eyes. "Well after he tackled you, you fell to the ground and hit your head very hard on the pavement. I ran up to you and your uncle and I dragged him of you and I kicked him untill he blacked out so that he could fight us back. Me and Louis stood over you, right untill the paramedics came. At that point my eyes were glued to your beautifull face. I couldn't hear or see anyone, then one of the paramedics pushed me to get over to you but I lost my balance and landed in some broken glass. One piece was stuck in my spine from what I heard, So now there's an 80% chance that I wont be able to walk normaly again." He paused for a moment I was still looking him straight in the eye's. "And earlier when you were telling your story I just wanted to be right next to you, to comfort you" he carried on. I let out a small tear and hugged him and didn't let go, he smelled amazing, I just burried my face in his chest and i didn't move. Without letting go of him I snuggled up with him in his bed and fell asleep.


*Next day*


Niall's POV

I slowly wake up and notice that Lottie's still next to me in my bed. She has been hugging me the whole night. Awwe bless her heart I thought to myself. I lie there on the bed looking at her small bruised face. I then begin to slowly stroke her back and kiss her on the crown of her head. I slowly whisper " I love you ". She looked so peacefull. I then look up and notice all the boys stood by the door. How long have they been there I wondered. Louis face was burning with anger. "Come on guys lets leave them two love birds on their own" Liam whispered to the rest of the boys. Louis just stood there watching me. Then Zayn grabbed his arm and pulled him out the room at the same time snapping him back into reality. I looked back down and noticed Lottie waking up, I was still stroking her and I gave her one more kiss on the head, and she looked up at me with her beautiful sparkling blue eyes."Morning beautifull" I said slowly looking deep into her eyes."Morning prince charming" She giggled. The boys heard us and walked in "Hey beautiful and prince charming" Zayn spoke with his goofy voice and everyone giggled including us. "Right" Louis said while clapping his hands and rubbing them together "Who's ready to go home then". And then my smile dropped. I remembered she was moving in with Louis. Liam noticed my worried look and came over to me and gave a comforting look as he did that he whispered in my ear "Dont worry I'll stay with Louis and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid and Zayn and Harry will stay with you, Since you can't even go to the bathroom alone" We both chuckled.


*1 Hour Later*


Lottie's POV

Me Louis, Harry and Niall were in Louis van and Zayn and Liam were driving right behind in Harry's car. I looked over and Niall looked very worried. I put my hand on his knee, slowly realising he couldn't feel it but I still kept it there it felt right. He slowly looked at me with a grin. " I felt it " He said happily. After two days of the doctors telling him that he might not be able to walk ever again. Only if somehow he could feel his legs again, he would be on the road to recovery. Louis then pulled up outiside Nialls flat. I see Zayn park behind us and Liam came out and took out the wheel chair from the back of their car. Harry, Liam and Zayn helped Niall get out and they helped him into the flat, then I seen Liam wave bye to them and came and sat next to me in the car. It was silent for about 10 minutes untill Louis pulled up outside his apartment. "We're here!" Louis spoke making Liam and I flinch as we didnt expect it. Louis took me inside and showed me around "This is where you'll be sleeping" pointing at his room. "Where are you going to sleep?" I asked a bit worried and concerned. "On the sofa bed in the living room" he said while rubbing my back. He put the bag that I had in the corner of the room. "You guys hungry he asked?" Liam and I both nodded in excitment. "How about Nandos?" Louis spoke calmly."Could Niall, Zayn, and Harry come?" Liam asked Louis. I Could see a bit of anger in Louis eyes."Ehhh....If Lottie want them to come then.... sure" He alsmost whispered. "Great, I'll call them now and ask them if they want to come." Liam almost shouted. Liam grabbed his phone and called Zayn. He picked up and told Liam that Niall isn't in the mood to eat, he's really depressed, and that him and Harry will just find something to eat at Niall's. As soon as I heard the conversation I just whispered to Louis I'm not hungry, while Liam was still on the phone trying to pursuade them. I went into Louis room and sat at the foot of his bed and slowly let my self fall back as a tear escaped my eye. I wanted to be with Niall next to him on the bed, in his warm grasp, while he plays with my hair and I listen to his heart beat just like last night. I loved him, and I wanted to tell him.

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