Love at first sight

A 16 year old girl called Charlotte is abused by her unckle after her parents die in a car crash. She escapes him after 2 years but has no where to go because her unckle didn't let her see anyone so everyone turned away from her. Her unckle chases her but luckily Niall and Louis were walking past when Jack her unckle tackles her and Lottie hits her head on the concrete. Niall runs to help her while Louis calls the police and immediatly after helps. Jack ends up in prison but what happenes next?


17. Finding them

Lottie's POV

I woke up slowly moving around on the uncomfortable air mattress. I realised I wasn't at home. I was at Louis. Then I remembered what happened yesterday. I speed walked into the bathroom and wiped off all of the smudged mascara of my whole face. I came out and noticed Louis was up too. He was walking around in just his underwear. I laughed and he started blushing. He ran back in his room and came out with some trousers on. He looked at me again and started laughing. I walked into the kitchen with him and noticed he was making breakfast for everyone. "Do you need any help?" I asked while looking at what he was making. "Nahh its alright" he said, ignored what he said and helped anyway. He just looked at me and smiled. After we finished we set it out on the table in the dining room. We sat down and suddenly everyone woke up. Bolt walked over to me and started nudging me. I gave him some scraps since I didn't really have any proper food to give him. I was talking with Zayn when I noticed Louis and Kiah kissing next to me and Gemma and Liam opposite me. I quickly remembered what I was supposed to do, I ran out quickly to grab my stuff and leave to find the boys."Wait up, what happened?" I heard Zayn say before I stopped and he ran into me knocking me over and falling on top of me. I got up and giggled "I need to find Niall and Harry" I said quickly. "I'll come too" he responded quickly. I grabbed my phone and keys from the floor next to the mattress. We quickly walked out without anyone even noticing and Zayn started his car. "Can we go to my house first I need to feed Bolt" I said quickly looking back at Bolt who had his head stuck out the window. "Sure" he replied. He turned on the radio and I started humming, and then I ended up singing. Zayn looked over at me and joined in. I giggled and he smiled at me. We pulled up and went inside and talked for a bit while Bolt finished his bowl.

We headed of quickly into the car driving back to where Bolt took us the other day. We got out and we started following Bolt again. Me and Zayn were getting closer. The closer we were the more goofier her was. And he was already goofy enough. We walked for a few hours untill we stopped at an abandoned hotel. We had no idea where we were. Zayn called the police incase they where in there. They came within minutes and we made our way up. Bolt sniffed every door. The last one he sniffed was where they were. The police knocked on the door and Jack opened the door. I was ready to pounce on him but Zayn held me tight. One of the police men looked at me and saw the expression on my face. He came closer to me and pulled me to the side. "Who is that?" he asked quietly. "Jack" I said through my teeth. "The one who ecaped out of jail after he got caught ..." I didn't want to finish. He walked back and stood next to other one and whispered something to the other police mans ear. "You have to come with us" they both said in unison. He seemed pretty calm. One of them took them down into the van and the other police man, Zayn and I explored the whole place. Then Dave, Jacks friend came out of the kitchen and he froze the second he saw everyone in there. I saw him when he came round a couple of times to play with me, if you know what I mean. "Take him too" I whispered to one of the police officers. They nodded and took him. They needed suspects anyway. I opened one of the doors and notice Niall and Harry sitting next to eachother just talking. They looked at us and ran towards us. Niall threw himself at me and Harry threw himself at Zayn. I fell back and Niall was on top of me. "Thank you for finding us" he said slowly inching his lips to mine. He was milimeters away now. "Thank Bolt not me" I spoke quietly as he pressed his lips on mine. I could feel him smile against my lips. I couldn't help but smile too. He got up from me and pulled me off the ground. I looked at Harry and he had bruises covering his body. My blood started boiling and I was ready to go down to the van and kill him even if it ment going to jail. Niall looked untouched. "What happened Harry?" I asked him sweetly trying not to look too angry. "Well I tried running away but they started battering me. They were stronger then me. Then I heard Niall and they left me, they walked out and minutes later went to Niall. And thats when it all started. We caught them 2 times but we couldn't escape. Then we just gave up." He said looking relaxed. We all walked back to the car. We all got in and Zayn dropped Niall and I off at home. We walked inside and Niall picked me up and carried me to the bed looking deeply into my eyes melting me from the inside.


Niall's POV

Me and Harry threw ourselves onto the door but nothing worked. We tried everything. Then I realised Jack and the other guy were standing behind us laughing. They had the key to every room. They could have came out when ever they wanted. We both turned around and sighed. I've already gave up. There was no way we were getting out. I walked past them and I walked in the room they locked me and Harry before. I walked to the back wall and sat down on the floor leaning against it. "What the hell are you doing?" Harry yelled. "Giving up" I replied calmly. Soon after Harry followed. He sat down next to me and I heard the lock turn. "Why?" was the only thing he could say. "Well if this wasn't supposed to happen to us we would be able to escape. But obviously there is a reason why were here. Although its not a good reason its a reason." he looked at me confused. I didn't know what the hell I was talking about either. I knew what I ment. I just couldn't word it right so I gave up again. I changed the subject and we just talked looking into the darkness ahead of us.

I looked up at the door and heard the lock turn again. What do they want now? I asked myself. I looked up and saw a figure of a girl. My eyes adjusted to the light rushing into the room. I rubbed my eyes and opened them again. It was Lottie! I jumped up from the ground and threw myself at her. She fell on the floor and I fell on top of her. I thanked her for finding us. Then I slowly lowered my head and our lips met. Once we finished I got up from the ground and pulled her up. Harry explained everything that happened and we soon walked out and back the way they came. It took some time walking back to the car.Once we got there we all jumped in and drove off. Zayn pulled up outside our house and we got out slowly making our way inside. I turned around waved and Zayn drove off. I walked inside and picked Lottie up off the ground. I looked deeply into her eyes. I thought I was going to drown any second. I carried her over to the bedroom and gently lowered her on the bed and crawled on top of her. I tugged on her top and slowly pulled it off. I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down. She took over, pulled them off all the way, then tugged on my t-shirt. I took it off. Then she did the same that I did to her with her jeans. I pulled them off completely and threw them to the other side of the room. I lowered my head once again. My lips meeting with hers again.

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