5. chapter 5

                                                     Chapter 5


The dark sky suddenly turned back to normal, but, it never went warm, afterwards my hand froze like a ice cube, I tried moving my fingers but they were frozen solid, I looked up and it was back to normal, what did I do wrong ?




Robin came over and sat next to me, I rubbed his face and wiped up his blood up with a facecloth we looked at the blue sun it was shrinking, all of a sudden it grew in a matter of seconds, it burnt the atmosphere, we were boiling hot, hotter than the sun, but then it disappeared like smoke from a bonfire where guy forks stood, mum came over towards robin and Logan and said

“I know what’s happening if something happens to me then Logan you shall live with your auntie may, ok?”

“But she’s horrible to me, she thinks  I’m a girl, last year for Christmas she gave me a china doll and it had red eyes.”

Then the sun came back into the royal blue sky and it was its normal shape and temperature, Logan saw his mum on the floor with her eyes closed he shoke her, she never woke up,

“I guess we have to live with you now brother Eric”

“I suppose you can live with me

“Really? I’ll take your word for it”

Eventually they did get the land and the driveway cleaned up and the sun stayed in the sky forever on and Logan and robin did move in with Eric, they lived happily together forever.


           THE END

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