4. chapter 4


Chapter 4

The next day after all his adventures, Eric’s brothers turned up to Eric’s house and Eric’s brothers are goody goody’s and Eric doesn’t  like them

As they stand there staring down my lonesome driveway , a slight chill runs up my back pushing pressure like clothes pushing me further down into my hall, I look at a paperclip bedded in the cracked wall it flies into the dusty, cold-witted sky, I’m blinded by the bright light flowing it, then an explosion occurs, the whole of the drive is burning hot like lava torrential out of a erupting volcano, all of a sudden, all is dark across the dusty drive, what is happening to me?




As they got out the car they were both holding hands being good as gold like they always do, Logan asks his mum can I stay here forever

 “NO!” screamed mum,

“But why?” asked Logan

Mum wouldn’t answer because of this

Logan stood there with a sour face sourer than biting into a lemon, then it started to get colder, colder than an ice cube freezing in a freezer, Logan looked at the sun and it was blue like the deep-blue sea, but then an earthquake shook the ground like an meteorite coming towards earth, the car sank into the hard and cracked ground, Logan saw robin running towards him with blood dripping down the side of his face,

“What’s happening?” shouted Logan

“The sun is turning cold” whispered Robin

Then Professor Linton who is there father came along and stared at the sun and rubbed his head in a strange way then he fell to the ground and never woke up…

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