This is War - Believe In Nothing

Teenager, Scarlett, is under normal teenage stress - boys, school work and stressful brothers, but when she falls for the new boy in town something begins to change.

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2. Today


Work, will be the death of me. I can imagine my headstone now, as I am sat at my IKEA desk in my bedroom, piles and piles of schoolwork, it will read: here lies Scarlet Johnston, beloved Blogger and admin of teenage pages, adored music and her friends and family but was killed by her horrible English Speech.


Frowning, I procrastinated and got up. I picked up my mug and went down stairs, I needed coffee and a distraction. I was in luck. My older brother, Lucas had just arrived home. I hoped into the kitchen stool and poured myself a warm cup of steaming black coffee -

"Please, Mum, just forget it, okay?" He was yelling. I was suddenly intrigued, Mum and Lucas never argued. Which always surprised me as Mum and Lucas both had feisty personalities. He stormed past me and I then realised why Mum had been fuming, he reeked - of cigarettes.

Grabbing my coffee I escaped the scene and charged back up to my bedroom and shut the door. I was most likely safer here, I laughed at my choice of words and curled up on my bed. I was exhausted despite my attempts to continue and dedicate myself with homework, I was constantly flitting back from Facebook and Twitter. I tucked my legs under the duvet and lay back on the fresh pillows, my mobile buzzed, unlocking the screen I checked it. One New Message from Rhys. I grinned and clicked 'Read', he wanted to meet up. Rhys and I had been best friends since birth so reluctantly I checked the clock beside my bed. It was quarter too nine, 'Fine' I typed, 'but your picking me up - be here in 5' I tossed the sleek black phone onto my bed and jumped up and grabbed jacket and turned on my music and ducked my head out

"Mum, I'm going to bed. Okay?" I called, to be completely honest I don't think she heard me. Lucas walked past and grinned at me

"Don't worry, I'll cover for you." He said, I nodded and ducked back into my bedroom and began stuffing old cuddly toys under my duvet and switched the light off and tucked my mobile in my pocket and climbed out onto my window sill and jumped. I suppose being a cheerleader paid off, sometimes. I wiped the mud of my jeans and crept around the back of the house and began down the street where Rhys's Chevy was parked. 

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