This is War - Believe In Nothing

Teenager, Scarlett, is under normal teenage stress - boys, school work and stressful brothers, but when she falls for the new boy in town something begins to change.

Check out my other movella's for more stories. Thanks guys for reading and leave comments? Haha, thanks.


1. One Year Ago


One year ago if someone had told me mythical creatures exists, I would have laughed. Or raised my eyebrows in shock or confusion, but I tell you, I wouldn't have believed them. You can't believe them, if we cease to believe in everything we are whispered, then what do we really believe?


I believe in nothing, not the day and not the dark - I believe in nothing, but the beating of our hearts and that I will always believe, one hundred suns until we part, I do not believe. Not in Satan, nor in God. I believe in nothing, but the truth in who we are and even that lies.


However I admit, I am living one year ago: but let's start there. As the story is more understandable and my only problem was a five tests I had to revise for - ordinary teenage stress.  

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