In The Snake's Eyes.

Josh Palmer is an ordinary boy. He has friends, family, and a love for snakes.
Maddy Eartheaten has mates, snake hair and takes a fancy for humans.
Are they really that different?
Or does love take it's turn?


4. Maddy

Inside I felt as if somehow Josh might be scared of me. He knew the secret because I'd shown him in his sleep, but what if he felt funny about it? What if he ignored me?

I myself ignored the thought, and continued to stare into his eyes. They twinkled an unusual colour, something between excitement and... I couldn't figure the second one out. I focused on the first meaning, analysing it in my head. I was surprised he couldn't hear the cogs turning. If they were cogs.

'That's so cool' he breathed, reaching out to me, tickling one of the snakes. Then he shook his head and snapped out of a trance. 'Secret, what secret?'

I shrugged, and he pulled his hand back.

'Is it something bad? Or...'

'To be honest, it's about your mum. I know what happened, I couldn't help but listen in.'

Josh raised his eyebrows, then pulled a playful face.

'Listen in? How?'

'Umm, hello? Snakes?'

I motioned towards my hair, and he laughed. It was a sweet laugh, light and airy and it made me feel happy and I knew I was glowing. I could feel it. Maybe it was the snakes, who knew? But that moment was nicest. Until everything changed. And it happened that very afternoon.

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