In The Snake's Eyes.

Josh Palmer is an ordinary boy. He has friends, family, and a love for snakes.
Maddy Eartheaten has mates, snake hair and takes a fancy for humans.
Are they really that different?
Or does love take it's turn?


2. Maddy.

Bright morning sun woke me up with a start. Light flooded into my room, warming it up like a radiator. I pulled myself out of bed, and glanced around my room. The bare wooden floor gazed back at me. And so did a pile of gleaming glass beside my cracked window.

What happened? I asked myself. My mind flew back to the day before.

Josh Palmer was outside.

A hissing noise made me jump. My annoying, but friendly snakes whispered kind words in my ear. I could feel their soft movements. I reached up to my favourite, Madusa, and stroked her scaly skin.  In return, she licked my finger with her long, splitted tounge. Sweet, she was.

I dressed myself quickly and ate breakfast. Nothing interesting, just cereal and orange juice. Then I grabbed my school bag and made my way to school. Luckily for me, I didn't need to brush my hair. Unless I dug through a humans dreams, they would see my hair long, blonde and beautiful. To myself, I was a head full of snakes. I didn't appreciate it.

From the flat to the bus stop was a short walk, but at least my snakes kept me company. They were my eyes and ears. It was a pretty good thing to have, actually. Even though I'd die for beautiful, cascading-down-my-back hair. I pulled my perfectly gleaming iPod out my bag and plugged in the headphones while I waited for the bus. I could feel one of the snakes crawl down my back, making me jump. I looked up.

A figure stood directly across the road. The sun stopped me from having a perfect view, but at least the snakes could see something.

"It's Honeeeey" they hissed, anger grasping their voices.

The bus suddenly stopped directly in front of me. That was one of the quickest wait's for the bus. I climbed on, grabbed my ticket, and took a seat at the back. I could see Honey's face more clearly. She was plastered in make-up, her hair tied back neatly. She frowned.

I rolled my eyes. Honey had changed so much, it was un-real. The bus lurched forward, and arrived at my stop 10 minutes or so later. I climbed off the bus with careful footsteps, and made my way into the school grounds.


English was the lesson that I could enjoy. I could stare at the back of Josh's head the whole hour, and write the things that I wanted to write. English was the lesson where I could express myself, and be the human that I wanted so badly to be. I guess it was a good thing that no-body could see my snake's, but they were forever whispering in my ear, and drawing me away from the lesson. The snakes, I mean.

"Now, I'd like you all to write a PEA paragraph on Wilfred Owen's Poem, any quote you'd like to pick out. Please make it detailed, and I have dictionaries for anybody who'd like one. I'll give you all..." Miss Hardy's head turned towards the clock, then she finished her sentence, "20 minutes. The maximum of 4 paragraphs, 3 is the minimum. Begin as soon as I've given out the dictionaries."

She whizzed around the classroom dropping the dictionaries without so much as a second glance, then again, she spoke up.

"Begin. Silently, it's an assessment."

Straight away, I flicked through my exercise book, and pulled out the poem. I picked a line, and began to write up everything I knew. All the while, I looked up to Josh's head, studying every curve and curl of his beatuiful blondy brown hair.

"Is something distracting you, Maddy? Would you like to move?"

My head snapped towards Miss who was almost towering over me, and I shook my head.

"Nothing, Miss. I was just thinking of what else I could add to my work to make it more informative."

Miss motioned back to my work.






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